4-week German course

Summer Fun in Germany

1 - 28 July 2016

4 –week German course at Friedensau Adventist University with an introduction to the language and culture for adults

Special offer for the summer of 2016 only: 1.700€


  • Beginner courses
  • School books
  • Room & Board
  • All meals provided
  • Excursions twice a week (Berlin, Magdeburg, Leipzig and many more)

Why take German?

  • Great business opportunities.
  • The most spoken language in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and others).
  • Germany’s economy is the strongest in Europe and 4th strongest in the world.
  • It is the language spoken by Einstein (Physics), Luther (Theology), Mozart and Bach (Music), Goethe (Literature)

It is your turn!

Come to Friedensau to get started learning German in Germany and discover the rich culture!


Application deadline: 15th May, 2016

Apply now!

Contact: germancourse@thh-friedensau.de

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