Day-care centre

On the way to a family-friendly university

Family and university are not a contradiction of terms at FAU. To ensure that neither study nor family has to suffer, the staff and employees of FAU have taken it upon themselves to provide more family-friendly services for students and staff with children.

A day-care centre on the university campus

For years, many students and staff members of the university with young children had a dream: a day-care centre on the university campus. Despite many attempts to create something permanent (parent and toddler groups, play groups, mutual help with childcare etc.) and talks with the university administration, this remained a dream for many years. But since October 2008 there has been a communal day-care centre with a Christian ethos on the university campus.

The university and the municipality of Möckern agreed that the Friedensau day-care centre would not only implement Saxony-Anhalt’s educational programme for day-care centres, “Elementary education – education right from the start”, but would also build its pedagogical work on the basis of Christian values and convictions. For example prayer, using the Bible, belief in creation, the celebration of Christian festivals and awareness of healthy nutrition are integral components of the centre’s pedagogical work. Moreover, the idyllic location of Friedensau, the attractive children’s playgrounds on the campus and the university gymnasium encourage plenty of sport and exercise in natural settings. Holistic ideas are also a central aspect of the day-care centre in its pedagogical work with the children, and are complemented by the tasty vegetarian meals from the university Mensa (cafeteria).

For Friedensau Adventist University, the opening of the Friedensau day-care centre is an important step towards a child-friendly university, something which the ministries of Saxony-Anhalt desire for all the state’s universities. Child care should not just be a utopia for students who are also parents, it should be a real opportunity to shape their child´s future.
For students with children, securing their livelihood and their tuition fees is often undoubtedly a challenging task. Here the university wishes to give its support. There is work available on the university campus, some of it with very flexible, family-friendly hours. In some areas, of course, work hours are dictated by the job itself. But in other areas, students can schedule their part-time work with great flexibility. This is very helpful for students with children.

Your contact for questions about part-time student jobs on campus is Wolfgang Stammler. We at FAU advise you to mention that you have children the first time you discuss work opportunities on campus.


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