Concert with the Dresdner Bach-Solisten

The traditional kick-off concert according to the beginning of the academic year took place in the chapel of Friedensau on October 14, 2017. The Bach-Solisten from Dresden played music. Their program was titled with “Re-Formation – The Art of the Arrangement”. Joachim Karl Schäfer (trumpet), Min Jung Kang (violin) and Uwe Hirth-Schmidt (violoncello) interpreted various works of baroque music e. g. by Antonio Vivaldi and Alessandro Marcelo. The name of the Bach-Solisten is their program at the same time. They are covering the works of an european baroque musical culture – especially those by Johann Sebastian Bach. The Bach-Solisten are saying about their affinity to this genious composer and musician: “His universal language does not know any borders… It seems like feeling a piece of endlessness while being in touch with his music.”

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