Workshop on the dramatic perfomance of biblical texts

On Monday, April 24, Phil Ruge-Jones offers a workshop for students in which he will teach how to memorize and perform biblical texts. This workshop is a unique opportunity for all who want to learn how a text comes alive, full of drama, full of emotions that touch the heart. This is an opportunity for […] Read More

Cooperation with Cape Coast Harmattan School

In cooperation with Friedensau Adventist University and headed by Prof. Dr. Akua Britwum and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schultz, PhD students and professors from Ghana, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Germany, Austria and Ireland spent the last two weeks together at the Cape Coast Harmattan School 2016. Between 27 February and 11 March 2016, the […] Read More

4-week German course

Summer Fun in Germany 1 – 28 July 2016 4 –week German course at Friedensau Adventist University with an introduction to the language and culture for adults Special offer for the summer of 2016 only: 1.700€ Included: Beginner courses School books Room & Board All meals provided Excursions twice a week (Berlin, Magdeburg, Leipzig and […] Read More

Cooperation with University of Cape Coast

Cape Coast Harmattan School 2016 (funded by the Volkswagen Foundation) Land commodification, land tenure and gender in Africa   Land rights in Africa are rooted in a range of social, political and economic relationships often overlapping and layered in character. Despite the plethora of research and political activism around issues of land grabbing and land […] Read More

10 days of prayer

Students and employees of Friedensau Adventist University have started the year with a ten-day prayer time. Worldwide Adventists pray together from January, 7th till 17th. At FAU a common prayer takes place at 7 am and at 7 pm in the chapel.

A good and blessed start in 2015

Die Theologische Hochschule wünscht allen Studierenden und Mitarbeitern sowie allen Freunden und Geschäftspartnern ein gutes und gesegnetes neues Jahr. Friedensau Adventist University wishes all students and staff as well as all the friends and business partners a happy and blessed new year.

Winner of the international writing competition

Chigemezi Wogu, a Nigerian student of theology at Friedensau Adventist University, has been awarded one of two first prizes of the 2014 international writing competition advertised by the U.S. magazine MINISTRY. Chigemezi’s text described the author’s efforts to enroll at Germany’s long-standing Adventist University which were eventually successful. MINISTRY invites entries for its Student Writing […] Read More

Voluntary work is appreciated

On the afternoon of Dec. 3, 2014 the migration information center of Germany’s Red Cross held a meeting in Burg to thank migrants who had in particular supported the center’s activity over the year by doing voluntary work. For two months now the information service has employed two more part-timers, both of them with a […] Read More