Back from Tanzania

They flew to Kilimanjaro, the airport in Tanzania. They then took a four-hour drive in a car to reach Longido, the land of the Massai. 13 students, two lecturers and a doctor were with the Massai in Tanzania from the 2nd to the 24th of September 2014, to expand schools that had already been built […] Read More

International students on the inter-cultural week

The international diversity festival kicked off in Burg on 22 September, under the motto ‘Finding common ground … Celebrating differences’ – and students of the university played an active part in the opening ceremony. Viridiana Corral Martinez (ISS) delivered a presentation about her native country of Mexico, Reby Isaac (ISS) performed an Indian dance and […] Read More

Beginning of the German language course

Ten students – four Americans, two Indonesians, two Russians and two Ukrainians – want to learn German for very different reasons. Some of the Americans have German forefathers and relatives living in Germany. All of them have enrolled in the ACA (‘Adventist Colleges Abroad’) programme, and receive academic credits for the course. The month of […] Read More

University booth at the Waldfriede hospital

There is a close connection between Berlin’s Waldfriede hospital and the Friedensau Adventist University. In historical terms, this bond was based on the Friedensau sisterhood. Today, it is nurtured by the BA course in health and nursing sciences. This course is offered as a dual degree course by the hospital and the university. So naturally, […] Read More

The university-certified advanced training programme has begun

The university-certified advanced training programme of the Friedensau Adventist University, which is conducted in collaboration with the clinic at the Pfeiffersche Stiftungen (Pfeiffer’s disease foundation) in Magdeburg, began on 10.7. 18 team leaders and up-and-coming managers got together for a discussion that dealt with the theme of project management. The university-certified advanced training programme was […] Read More

Exam week

This week is exam week and we wish every student concentration and calmness and after that motivation for preparing papers and theses. Besides, we hope you will have time for rest and relaxation.

Spes Christiana Valuegenesis

New Publication on Valuegenesis Europe – We are pleased to present to the public the research findings of a large-scale survey among approximately 6,000 Adventist young people in 17 European countries: Valuegenesis Europe. With its nine articles, this special issue of the journal Spes Christiana evaluates the answers of youth to more than 300 questions […] Read More