Student accommodation


Surrounded by magnificent meadows and extensive woodlands, the campus of the Friedensau Adventist University is set in the midst of an idyllic natural landscape. The meadows and woods encourage long walks and sporting activities.

Furnished rooms for single students

Our campus has 26 double and 65 single rooms, located in different buildings and halls of residence. All the rooms are furnished, all have a telephone, and most have a hand basin. Communal showers and WCs are found on each floor. In the Erich Meyer House, renovated in 2006, each room has its own shower and WC.

The rent for a room in the halls of residence is as follows:
per person in double room: 166.50 €
per person in single room: 204.00 €
per person in double room with shower and WC: 194.00 €
per person in single room with shower and WC: 237.00 €
per person in three-bed room without bathroom: 100.00 €
(Prices are valid as of March 2013 — the hall of residence rooms with shower and WC are only available to female students)
The rooms in the halls of residence are generally rented without interruption until the scheduled termination. During the summer semester holidays (beginning of July to end of September), however, the tenancy agreement for the room can be suspended. For this to take effect, all personal belongings must be removed from the room during the period of suspension (the option of suspending the tenancy only applies to the summer holidays and does not apply to the student apartments).

Please note the following: smoking is not permitted in the hall of residence rooms, in the student halls of residence in general, or on the university campus.

Family-friendly university

For married couples and families among the student body there are around 40 one- to three-room apartments available on campus; by far the majority of these are two-room apartments with a kitchenette in the living room. Nearly all the apartments are furnished. The rent for the apartments, including heating/service costs, is between around 250 and 450 € per month, depending on size and condition.

The campus and the surroundings are particularly suitable for children, who can play and have fun in the spacious parks and green areas, without parents having to worry about heavy traffic. The two attractive playgrounds give children the opportunity to run around to their heart’s content. Since October 2008 the campus has had a communal day-care centre with a Christian ethos. Here the children of our students, among others, are given well-balanced professional and educational care. The children feel very much at home in this small day-care centre.

Multicultural community

At present students from over 20 nations live in Friedensau, contributing to a multicultural atmosphere in the halls of residence and on the campus. Their coexistence is shaped by acceptance and the desire to learn from one another.

Side by side

Friedensau offers a family-like sense of community, which finds particular expression in the fact that lecturers, students and other staff often live side by side.

Relaxation and creativity

Anyone looking for a break from everyday student life, or a change of scene, can get creative in the pottery room or replenish their energy in the sauna.

Advice and support from the student accommodation office

Living space on the campus is limited.

The wellbeing of all students is of concern to the student accommodation office. It offers advice and ongoing support for students and their families. The student accommodation office is in the foyer of the Ludwig Richard Conradi House (An der Ihle 1), rooms 103 and 105.

Office hours of the student accommodation office

Monday to Friday: 9.30 – 12.30
In the non-teaching periods (semester holidays) there are no fixed office hours.

Additional information

Additional information on life and accommodation on campus can be viewed here. Relevant flyers or notices can be obtained from the student accommodation office. In each academic year most of the flyers listed here are distributed to students’ pigeonholes.


Jens SchwengerDipl.-Theol., M.A. Counseling
Dean of Students
An der Ihle 1CON 103
D-39291 Möckern-Friedensau
Tel.: + 49 (0) 39 21 9 16 140

Iris Müller

An der Ihle 1CON 105
D-39291 Möckern-Friedensau
Tel.: + 49 (0) 39 21 9 16 141