Friedensau in Concert

The traditional concert during the encounter weekend of the „Freundeskreis Friedensau International e. V.“ association (FFF) took place on Saturday, October 29, 2017 at the chapel of Friedensau. Students performed together with some of the employees of the university and some citizens of Friedensau.

The “Freundeskreis Friedensau International e. V.“ association sees its task in providing some financial support and scholarships for students who are getting involved academically or socially and to enable them to study theology or one of the programmes of the faculty of Christian Social Sciences. They are also interested in helping students who are in financial distress. The meeting of the association is taking place yearly. In this year, they did not only work on factual issues or on the development of projects - they also enjoyed the fellowship. The neighbors of Friedensau from the villages in the surrounding were also cordially invited to the concert.

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