International Students Hold a Workshop at School

 From August 18 to 19, 2017. In cooperation with Friedensau Adventist University and the Möckern educational institution, there are many reasons that make people flee their area: armed conflicts, wars and civil strife but also political persecution, discrimination and a lack of prospects. It is discussed in schools. Young people react very often with insecurity but also with interest. Information and a change of perspectives can help to understand the reasons for a flight and to de-emotionalize their own judgment.

Two students of Peaceau Adventist University, Nathanael Ndeyeme from Burundi and Daniel Ayitey from Ghana, who are studying Social Sciences at the faculty of Christian Social Science, who explained the questions and promoted a view for striking events in a globalized world. They worked together with topic and argued in an empathetic and understandable way. The pupils learn more about the topic, overcame their prejudices, listened to each other. Dr. Jill Blau and Marion Sandmann from Friedensau Adventist University and Joan Affeld from the Comprehensive School in Möckern supported the project. As a special challenge for the pupils, the workshop was hold only in English.After this intense preparation,

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