Martin Luther in Friedensau

On Reformation Day, children in the age of 6 to 10 were invited to search for medieval, literary traces in Friedensau. The motto was: „Talking about Martin Luther“. They discovered Martin Luther’s traces at a scavenger hunt in the library and its neighborhood in Friedensau. Am Reformationstag konnten sich Kinder von 6 bis 10 Jahren in Friedensau auf eine mittelalterliche literarische Spurensuche begeben. By this hunt, by some handicraft works and by the guidance of some experts, the children discovered a time period which is totally different from today.

Martin Luther, whose name is linked with the Reformation, was a highly educated, diligent and brave man; he wrote a lot of books – he was what we call today a bestseller author and wrote some hit songs! He was hostiled and persecuted but he also had many friends who were famous. He liked eating and drinking together. The children recreated playfully the most important events of his life: How did Martin Luther become a monk? What happened at the Wartburg? How did it happen that the 95 thesis were pounded at the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg? Why did Luther travel to Worms?  It was a mystery game similar to the „Three Investigators“ and ended with a little culinary surprise.

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