Report on Mining Excursion at the Coal Mines

By Daniel Ayitey, ISS student



On 7th November, 2016 some students and lecturers within the Masters in international social science in Friedensau Adventist University undertook an excursion to the German coal mine as part of a course requirement on resource conflict and resource justice. The aim of this excursion was to enable students learn about coal extraction, working conditions within the mines to renaturation plans as well as the link between coal and electricity.

The Mining Tourism Association of the city Welzow – Bergbaumuseum excursio was in-charge of taking the students through the excursion and explain how mining of coal is done.

The excursion started from 11am and ended at 5pm. The tour started at the coal mines, we got to understand the history behind the mining of coal, processes involved in extracting the coal, and how fourteen villages were relocated in order for the mining to take place and many more will be relocated.

Group Picture of Participants at the Coal Mine

It was also interesting to visit the renaturation centre which was a land that coal was mined from and now being used for agriculture.

We then took lunch and went to the electricity plant. There we went through the various sections and got to understand how electricity is processed using coal.

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