Publication series of the Institute for Psychology and Pastoral Care

University publication series

    • Volume 1: Dieterich, M.: Persönlichkeitsdiagnostik – Theorie und Praxis in ganzheitlicher Sicht (Personality diagnostics – a holistic perspective on theory and practice)

Volume 1 of the university publication series from the Institute for Psychology and Pastoral Care at Friedensau Adventist University, Orsingen 1999

The author’s academic and practical experiences of diagnostics, gathered over many years (both in rehabilitation and in pastoral care and psychotherapy), are presented in summary. The approach described here, holistic diagnostics, views humans’ thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs in relation to one another and shows the interdependencies. The subsequent volumes of the series then focus more clearly on support or therapy programmes.

    • Volume 2: Dieterich, M. (ed.): Seelsorge und Homosexualität (Pastoral care and homosexuality)

Volume 2 of the university publication series from the Institute for Psychology and Pastoral Care at Friedensau Adventist University, Orsingen 1996

The increasing number of people seeking advice makes it clear that psychological disorders arising in proximity to the homosexual orientation are not just a marginal problem for specialists in pastoral care and counselling. Our years of experience have shown that one needs both a thorough biblical foundation and therapeutic skill to be able to help in such cases. And even then one often still stands at the limits of feasibility, knowing that there are many things over which humans have no power.

The six authors of this volume each approach the topic from the focus of their own work. They show new scientific insights against an empirical background, present findings which have been obtained by thorough exegesis, and also discuss their experiences in psychotherapy and pastoral care. This gives colour to the book and also clearly shows the complexity of the topic.

    • Volume 3: Dieterich, M. (ed.): Der Mensch in der Gemeinschaft – Psychotherapie und Seelsorge am System (The human being in the community – psychotherapy and pastoral care of the system)

Volume 3 of the university publication series from the Institute for Psychology and Pastoral Care at Friedensau Adventist University, Orsingen 1997

Today more and more psychotherapists assume that psychological disorders should not be seen solely in terms of the individual, but that the “system” which the person seeking advice is in should also be included in the therapy process. In recent years completely new treatment concepts have thus emerged under the collective term “systemic therapies”; the best known of these is family therapy. In pastoral care, these new insights have so far only played a peripheral role. Initial experiences show, however, that some findings can also be applied to church congregations, youth groups and communities.

The authors of this book have dealt with pastoral-systematic experiences against different backgrounds: family and patchwork family, congregation, therapeutic community, hospital etc. For all the diversity of these “systems”, the reader comes to realize that in many cases the framework does need to be explored more than has hitherto been the case. This gives a new focus to practical pastoral work.

  • Volume 4: Jäger, Eva M.: Christen und Gesundheit. Kontrollüberzeugungen und Religiosität in der kognitiven Therapie depressiver Patienten (Christians and health: loci of control and religiosity in cognitive therapy of depressive patients)
  • Volume 5: Hemminger, H. J.: Ekstase, Trance und die Gaben des Geistes (Ecstasy, trance and the gifts of the spirit)
  • Volume 6: Dieterich Jörg (ed.): Streiflichter zur Wissenschaftstheorie (Casting light on the philosophy of science)
  • Volume 7: Paul, Gerhard: Chancen und Grenzen nouthetischer Seelsorge (Possibilities and limits of nouthetic pastoral care)
  • Volume 8: Dieterich Jörg (ed.): Streiflichter zur Seelsorge bei Kindern und Jugendlichen (Casting light on pastoral care for children and adolescents)
  • Volume 9: Beck, Horst Waldemar: Geist – Wort – Materie (Spirit – word – matter)
  • Volume 10: Willberg, Hans-Arved: Depression
  • Volume 11: Dieterich, Jörg: Über die Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit-Hyperaktivitätsstörung (On attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Publication series for professional practice

  • Volume 1: Dieterich, M.: Burnout bei Seelsorgern (Burnout in pastoral workers)
  • Volume 2: Dieterich, J.: Junge Menschen biblisch leiten (Giving biblical guidance to young people)
  • Volumes 3 and 4 (in preparation): Scherf, W.: Seelsorge (Pastoral care) (working title)