Financing your study

Money – as in all other areas of life – is sadly also playing a major role when studying. Sometimes a planned course of study fails because financing proves to be the stumbling block. But this does not have to be the case. Those who inform themselves properly and set up an appropriate financial strategy can establish a sound financial basis for their course of study.

And this is where we would like to help you find the best solution to study course financing!

Germany Grant

What is the Germany Grant? The Germany Grant supports talented students who are expected to perform brilliantly during their course of study or in their work or who have already achieved accordingly. The monthly promotion amount is € 300, half of which is paid by the Federal Government and the other half by private sponsors. Each year Adventist University Friedensau awards the Germany Grant starting with the winter semester.


Who can be sponsored? Both those of all nationalities who are already studying, as well as those who are about to start studying, are attending the basic and master courses, and those who have been or will be registered with Adventist University Friedensau at the beginning of the Grant award period. Exempted from this sponsorship are short-term students, those attending the pre-semester course for German, students attending a preparatory course, as well as students who are already being sponsored by another performance-related grant. This does not apply if the approved sponsorship total per semester is less than a monthly average of Euro 30. Receipt of the BAföG Federal Education and Training Assistance does not conflict with support by the Germany Grant.


How can I apply? Applications for a Germany Grant for the next promotion cycle relating to the 2014/2015 winter semester can be submitted in the period from 15th July to 10th Oktober 2014.

Further information

Jens SchwengerDipl.-Theol., M.A. Counseling
Dean of Students
An der Ihle 1CON 103
D-39291 Möckern-Friedensau
Tel.: + 49 (0) 39 21 9 16 140


The Federal Education and Training Assistance (abbrev. BAföG) continues to remain the number one in study course financing.


The aim of state sponsorship is to enable the qualified education of young people, irrespective of their social and economic situation, yet in keeping with their abilities and interests. The state pays half of the money as a subsidy, while the other half – maximum Euro 10,000 – is an interest-free loan that is repayable after the study course has been completed. Those who repay the money as one payment or who have achieved an especially good degree are given further discounts. The highest rate for the winter semester 2008/09 has been raised to Euro 643.50. At the same time the so-called allowance amounts increased by eight per cent. For an entitlement to a benefit the student has to be less than 30 years old when the study course commences, and it must be the first study course. The Student Administration advises all students to clarify their claim for state sponsorship!

Further information

Irina Heinz
Director of Admissions Office
An der Ihle 5 ALÜP 108
D-39291 Möckern-Friedensau
Tel.: + 49 (0) 39 21 9 16 134

DAAD Grants

Aspects considered in the granting of DAAD scholarships at Friedensau are: academic performance, duration studies, and the person’s own financial resources viz. financial needs (including other scholarships received, e.g. BAföG, ADRA scholarship, denominational scholarships, etc.)

Beyond Friedensau, the following activities of DAAD are of interest:

Germans can search for the programmes applicable to their plans and will additionally find information relating to the Education Programmes of the European Union in which nearly all German colleges are participating.

Foreign students will find the scholarship offers in our Scholarship Database. Of particular interest are international programmes in Germany. Furthermore, the Support for special projects can be granted to universities. An Annual Report  provides and overview of more than 250 DAAD programmes together with the number and origin countries of the scholarship recipients.

Further information

Jens SchwengerDipl.-Theol., M.A. Counseling
Dean of Students
An der Ihle 1CON 103
D-39291 Möckern-Friedensau
Tel.: + 49 (0) 39 21 9 16 140


Friends of Friedensau (Förderverein Freundeskreis Friedensau)

The sponsor association “Freundeskreis Friedensau” International e.V. (FFF) is a charitable organisation that supports students at the Theological College Friedensau. Aspects considered in the granting of FFF scholarships are: academic performance, duration studies, and the person’s own financial resources viz. financial needs (including other scholarships received, e.g. BAföG, ADRA scholarship, denominational scholarships, etc.)

Please direct applications with appropriate documentation to:

Lilli Unrau
Registrar / Secretary Faculty of Theology
An der Ihle 5 ALÜP 102
D-39291 Möckern-Friedensau
Tel.: + 49 (0) 39 21 9 16 170

Scholarship Opportunities – MA International Social Sciences

ADRA scholarship
Only students registered in the MA ISS programme are eligible. The mode of selection and the specific amount distributed depends on the amount ADRA makes available and the number of selected applicants. Grade point average, need and extracurricular activities are criteria in the selection mechanism. Usually the dean, in consultation with students, recommends them and accordingly informs ADRA. Application forms are distributed in AKEZ, collected there and collectively submitted to ADRA Germany. Selected students are obliged to do some research for ADRA under supervision of AKEZ.

General information on scholarships in Germany
Providing foundations/organizations: Most of the foundations providing scho-larships are linked to one of the most important political parties in Germany. Accordingly they represent different values which the applicants have to know and are also expected to support. Therefore, it is useful to firstly get informed about the foundation’s or organization’s background before applying for a scholarship. The Christian organizations require membership of their church.
Components of scholarships in Germany: Scholarships always include material (financial) and non-material support. Non-material support includes semina-ries and workshops about different topics and personal consultations provided by liaison lecturers. During your stay in Germany and after finishing your stu-dies you are expected to be involved in the foundation’s activities/work.
Extend of material support: Material support is normally limited to 665 Euro per month. Besides this you can find yourself work, but earnings exceeding 400 Euro per month are cleared with the scholarship. The foundations don’t bear the full amount of your tuition fees!

When to apply: Apply as soon as you get the confirmation of our University that you are accepted for the Masters program, as the organizations have a mini-mum duration of support and also a run of some weeks or months.
Application procedure and selection of candidates: Many foundations have spe-cial application forms to be filled in (they are found either in Internet or have to be requested from the organization) which have to be submitted together with your CV, certificates etc. (see below). You are also expected to explain your motivation why you apply to this certain organization. Get informed about further documents that have to be included since your application will not be considered if it is not complete! Moreover, some applications have to be sub-mitted in German language. Short-listed candidates are invited to a selection workshop.
Knowledge of German language: All foundations/organizations require good or excellent knowledge of German language as the whole application process is normally conducted in German. The same is true for any non-material support. Therefore, try to learn at least some German before starting the studies. Last but not least: Even if you don’t meet all requirements set by the organiza-tion (e.g. age; level of German knowledge; you belong to another religion or denomination), apply anyway! If you can show commitment and are able to explain your special case well, many organizations are willing to make an ex-ception.

The EDU-CON website can help you to specifically plan your study course financing at home and abroad.