Institute of Adventist Studies

This institute was founded in 2010 as part of Friedensau Adventist University and closely cooperates with the Historical Archives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe. It seems evident that an Adventist university should take a particularly close look at the history and theology of Adventism.

Because of their strong eschatological orientation, Adventists did not begin to take an interest in their own history until a relatively late stage. Research on the history and theology of Adventism as a denomination, and of the tendencies associated with it, should not just remain the preserve of a few select specialists. Thus the institute opens its doors to the public with symposia, collections of documents, academic publications, and courses.

Current Projects

Members of the institute do research about various aspects of Adventist theology and history. Besides many other publishing channels, findings of the institute are published in the journal Spes Christiana and in the Series Adventistica (Studies in Seventh-day Adventist History and Theology). Among the current projects are the following:

Finished Projects


  • The institute consists of members who do research on various aspects of Adventism. Please address your membership applications to the Institute Director, Prof. Pöhler.
  • Research Associate (Encyclopedia Project): Chigemezi-Nnadozie Wogu, MTS
  • Institute Committee Members:

 Prof. Dr. Rolf J. Pöhler                                     Dr. Johannes Hartlapp                                             Dr. Daniel Heinz                                                     Dr. Stefan Höschele


  • For general inquiries, write to Filip Kapusta, stud. theol., IAS Assistant.

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