Institute for Languages

When the “Institute for Languages” was founded in 1993, the focus was less on academic objectives than on the practical demands of teaching foreign languages at Friedensau Adventist University. The idea was to coordinate the work in this body so that the functions of the different departments could be fulfilled effectively. All the lecturers who teach languages therefore belong to this institute. At present the following courses are offered; without exception, they create the foundations for successful study in the subjects and combinations taught by the university:

The one-year course “German as a foreign language” offers appropriate training to applicants who do not have the necessary language proficiency; the course ends with a state-accredited examination. This qualifies students, linguistically and academically, to complete their studies in their chosen subject.

Well-founded knowledge of the basic languages of the Bible is one of the prerequisites of theological study. These include Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek. The Hebraicum, a recognized qualification, is earned after two terms of teaching within the first year of study. The Graecum, which is also recognized, is taken at the end of the second year of study.

The last branch of language teaching serves students of all subjects and disciplines. Since a large part of the scholarly literature is published in English, students must be able to incorporate this into their studies. Many foreign students from Eastern Europe and overseas have not yet had a chance to learn English. They are now given an opportunity to do this with courses at various levels.

The institute’s nature as a service-provider is underlined by a further amenity. The Writing Centre provides a proofreading service for seminar papers and diploma theses to ensure that they are error-free.

The academic work of the institute consists mainly in the work undertaken by staff to obtain qualifications. Their areas of research include German and English literature as well as the linguistic functions of Hebrew and aspects of the teaching of ancient languages.

Head of institute

Wernfried RieckmannDr. theol.
Biblical Languages
An der Ihle 5 ALES
Tel.: + 49 (0) 39 22 63 35