Institute for Religious Freedom (Affiliated Institute)

The Institute for Religious Freedom is an institution of the Deutsche Vereinigung für Religionsfreiheit e.V. (German Association for Religious Freedom) at the Friedensau Adventist University. The objective is to deal in a scholarly way with national and international issues of religious freedom and of the relationship between church and state, from a legal, theological and historical point of view. The aim is to make available findings and answers which give particular consideration to the concerns of free churches and religious minorities. The idea is to observe the way in which religious freedom is safeguarded, and also to document infringements.

The institute offers to commission and support research and to issue statements on current topics relating to religious freedom and freedom of conscience, taking into account religious law and/or laws governing the relationship between church and state. The institute can also carry out public relations work.

Relevant publications

Harald Mueller: Welchen Platz hat die Religion an öffentlichen Schulen? (What place does religion have in state schools?), Dialog Jan.-Febr. 2010, 5–6.

Harald Mueller: Zur rechtlichen Lage von Freikirchen im Deutschland des 19. Jahrhunderts (On the legal situation of free churches in 19th century Germany), Spes Christiana 17, 2006, 21–44.

Gewissen und Freiheit (Conscience and Freedom), ed. by the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty

Documents and statements of the Institute

Umfrage zu Diskriminierungen wegen der Religion, 2014 (Survey on discrimination on the basis of religion, 2014)

Überblick über die in den evangelischen Landeskirchen Deutschlands gültigen Vokationsbestimmungen, 2009 (Overview of the vocation regulations valid in Germany’s Protestant territorial churches, 2009)

Stellungnahme zur Kruzifix-Entscheidung des EuGHMR vom 3.11.2009 (Statement on the crucifix decision of the ECHR on 3 November 2009)

Befragung der deutschen Kultusministerien 2006: Unterrichtsbefreiung an Samstagen (Survey of the German ministries of education and cultural affairs, 2006: exemption from school attendance on Saturdays)

Head of institute

Harald Mueller, Dr. jur.Leiter des Instituts für Religionsfreiheit+ 49 (0) 5 11 3 47 31