Trauma and Resilience Conference

International Conference for NGOs and Helping Professionals

2. - 4. Juli 2014  in Krankenhaus Waldfriede, Berlin

As natural disasters and complex emergencies over the last decades have increased in frequency and scope, the world NGO community, while frequently underfunded to address the resulting complex problems, has developed robust mechanisms to respond to many of the presenting immediate needs.

However, what about the needs of the helpers, who witness and experience trauma first hand? How can they cope with their own trauma and stay resilient? How can they deal with the trauma of the people they care for? 

Join us in Berlin as we explore how the NGO community could begin to address those needs through expert plenary sessions about trauma, models of trauma response, and resilience- and skill- building practical breakout workshops that will aid attendees to identify more concretely how to incorporate post-disaster behavioral health as part of their preparation and response planning.

The conference is organized by ADRA Germany, Friedensau Adventist University, and Waldfriede Hospital. Cooperating partners are World Vision and Aktion Deutschland hilft, a consortium of major NGOs in Germany.

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