Public Lecture: Inquiring colonial architectural heritage


13.–14.00 Uhr | LÜP 112 | 3-G-Regel

Otto-Lüpke-Haus, Raum 112
An der Ihle 5 B
39291 Möckern-Friedensau

Referentin: Mafalda Pacheco

(Public) Architecture affects people’s everyday lives. It represents a relationship between the state and citizens and it responds to both government strategies and people’s needs. This public lecture addresses the question of how colonial architectural heritage is perceived and contested by (former) colonized and (former) colonizers, historically and in post-colonial times? The talk brings together architectural history and critical (colonial) heritage studies, drawing on cases studies from the Portuguese empire.

Mafalda Pacheco is a research fellow at the CHAM-Centre for Humanities, at the FCSH-NOVA University in Lisboa, Portugal, and a postdoctoral fellow in the project “TechNetEMPIRE - Technoscientific networks in the construction of the built environment in the Portuguese empire (1647-1871)”. Her stay in Friedensau is made possible by the COST Action “Decolonising Development: Research, Teaching and Practice” ( that takes on the challenge to reconstruct development after its deconstruction in a non-Eurocentric manner which is aware of epistemically unjust relations of power.

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