Coronanews 28. Mai

28. May. 2020

1. 6th SARS CoV2 Containment Ordinance
2. University sport
3. Dining hall seating
4. Weekend events

+++ 6th SARS CoV2 Containment Bylaw +++

As of today, the 6th Bylaw applies. According to this new regulation, from now on up to 10 people from two different households may meet. Professionally organized events such as meetings, conferences, weddings or funeral ceremonies can have up to 100 participants. The professional organizer will make sure that the rules are observed. Private celebrations are possible with up to 20 people. Distance rules and participant lists are mandatory. The kindergartens will reopen fully on 2nd June. You can read the regulation here:

University groups who wish to offer events should register these with the Kanzlei office.

+++ University sports +++

From June 1, sweating is permitted again under the following conditions:

The  Gym may be used again, however, changing and showering cannot take place in the sanitary facilities of the gym.

The floor of the sports hall must be wiped damp after use, and the door handles and used sports equipment must be disinfected. It must be ventilated for at least 30 minutes.

Only those responsible for the sports group are authorized to unlock the sports hall. The persons in charge of the sports group must keep a list of participants. Templates are available in the hall and must be handed in to Jessica Terhorst the next day at the latest.

In principle, no spectators are allowed.

Indoor gym shoes are to be used, which may only be put on in the hall.

Badminton sports group manager ">Kwaku Arhin-Sam
Only single games, no more than 6 players at the same time in the hall, 2 on the field, 4 on the benches, rackets used by several players must be disinfected at the handle.

Basketball sports group manager ">Stefan Höschele
Passing exercises, no versions of the game that involve falling below the minimum distance, no more than 6 players.

Volleyball responsible for the sports groups ">Emanuel Marfo and ">Sarah Quinger
6 players, no game versions that involve a distance below the minimum distance.

Table tennis responsible for sports group NN
Only individual games (no more than 6 players at the same time in the hall, 2 at the table, 4 on the benches, ball and bats used by several players must be disinfected at the handle.

Fitness room Activation as before. Not more than 2 persons at the same time, the room must be aired during training, before using the equipment it must be disinfected independently. After use, at least wipe off.

Outdoor sports

Football (field) (sports group leader ">Johannes Bleil
Passing exercises, no versions of the game that involve a distance below the minimum distance, (no more than 7 players per half of the field)

Riding responsible for sports groups ">Anja Wendler
The riding instructor is working on a teaching concept, we will inform the riding students separately about the training groups and special measures at the riding ground and at the stable yard.

Tennis No sports group: Use of the tennis court only for individual matches, rackets used by several people must be disinfected at the handle.

The sports group leaders will meet with Jessica on Friday for briefing. If you are interested in table tennis, you are welcome to take over the responsibility for the sports group.

+++ Cafeteria seating +++

From now on, up to 3 people can eat at one table in the cafeteria, independently of the household community. Please leave the used tray on the table after the meal. The table will then be cleared and disinfected by a waitress.

+++Events at the weekend+++

Shabbat Shalom - We cordially invite you to Shabbat Shalom on Friday at 19:30. The devotional service will be held by Alvaro Prado in English.

Worship service - On Sabbath we invite you to the service at 10 am. The Bible discussion will take place in the rooms of the LÜP, registration is not necessary. The service will again be broadcast from the chapel. You can join here: .

At the same time we invite you to an English language Bible talk at 10am and an English language sermon with Berguy Orange with the topic "Lessons for broken times" at 11am.

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