Public Lecture on the Effect of Covid-19 on Developing Economies


7:30 pm

Via Zoom

Zoom-Link via email: Kwaku.Arhin-Sam(at)

Since the first quarter of 2020, world economies are struggling with the novel Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences on the interconnected global economy. The Covid-19 pandemic came as a global shock in its reach and impact, as countries feel the simultaneous disruptions to supply and demand within the global economy. Production rates are low, unemployment rates have soared due to the high number of job losses, and many economic activities are either completely shut down or operating at lower than average capacities amidst government lockdowns and other necessary measures. It also comes along with extreme uncertainty about the magnitude, and impact of the pandemic on business and consumer confidence, including uncertainties surrounding post-Covid-19 economic development.

Given the unprecedented nature of the Covid-19 pandemic and massive disruptions to economic and social life, its full effect on developing economies is still blurred. This public lecture brings together development economics experts from developing countries to discuss and examine the impact of the pandemic on developing economies. The panel will also discuss the economic future of developing countries in a post-Covid-19 global economy.