German as a ­foreign language­

German as a foreign language has been a fixed component of Friedensau Adventist University since 1993. Course participants with basic knowledge (at least GER A1 level) can prepare linguistically for their studies in two semesters. For prospective students without previous knowledge of the language we offer a beginners' course. The aim of both courses is the TestDaF (test in German as a foreign language, entitles the holder to study at German universities). For the students in the advanced course it is possible to reach the level for this test after one year. Experience suggests that beginners need 1.5 to two years.

Since 2003, Friedensau has also been part of the ACA (Adventist Colleges Abroad) programme. This programme enables students from the USA to spend a year in Germany and study German as their major or minor.

Application period

German course with visa: 1.12.–31.03.

German course without visa: 01.05.–15.08.

Period of teaching

1. Trimester: 12.9.–13.12.2019

2. Trimester: 7.1.–28.2.2020

3. Trimester: 16.3.–6.6.2020


Goethe-Zertifikat B1 or the TestDaF, the certificate TestDaF qualifies foreign students to apply to a German university.

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Course ­content­

  • German course at level A1 to B2/C1 (20 units of teaching per week)
  • Phonetics
  • Multimedia language laboratory
  • Geography / history
  • Literature
  • Conversation
  • Reading
  • Excursions

German in ­Germany­

Language and culture are inextricably linked. One important aspect of the language course is thus to bring students into contact with the culture and history of Germany and of Europe. Interesting excursions make this possible. A few examples from recent years:

  • Hamburg: the lovely North German port
  • Munich: the capital of Bavaria and close to the Alps
  • Dresden: the fascinating Baroque city of Augustus the Strong
  • Wittenberg: the town in which Luther lived, worked, and nailed the famous 95 theses to the door of the castle church
  • Magdeburg: the nearby capital of Saxony-Anhalt, with its 800-year-old cathedral

Additional activities

  • Language lab
  • Geography / history / literature
  • Conversation
  • Independent reading
  • Excursions
  • Opportunity to attend classes in the School of Theology or Social Sciences
  • Instrumental teaching and choir
  • Creative courses
  • Sport

Campus ­life­

Friedensau is a university which attracts not only young people from all over the world, but also many Germans. So it is easy to get to know Germans and speak German with them. But you will not be the only one getting to know a new country and a new culture. As our university is small (around 200 students), you can easily make contacts here, and take part in activities such as sport, outings, spiritual and other events on campus.

Courses and ­dates­

This course extends over one year of study, in three quarters (one quarter lasts 9–10 weeks). Beginners can reach level B1 in the course of the third quarter. Advanced students can reach level B2/C1 (GER) and sit the TestDaF examination.

Academic calendar for German course 2019/2020

Arrival Sep 12–13, 2019
Tests & Registration Sep 16
Classes begin Sep 17
Fall vacation Oct 31–Nov 3
First quarter ends Dec 13
Christmas vacation Dec 14, 2019–Jan 6, 2020
Second quarter begins Jan 07
Second quarter ends Feb 28
Winter vacation Feb 29–March 15
Third quarter begins Mar 16
Spring vacation April 9–13
Government tests B1 or B2 TBA
TestDaF or C1 TBA
Closing services Jun 06
Departure dates Jun 07–09, if TestDaF is taken, departure must be later!

Academic calendar for German course 2020/2021

Arrival Sep 17/18, 2020
Tests & Registration Sep 21
Classes begin Sep 22
Fall vacation Oct 28 – Nov 1
First quarter ends Dec 16
Christmas vacation Dec 17, 2020 – Jan 6, 2021
Second quarter begins Jan 7, 2021
Second term ends Mar 5
Winter vacation Mar 8–21
Third quarter begins Mar 22
Spring vacation April 1 – 5, public holiday May 1
Government tests B1 or B2 TBA
TestDaF or C1 TBA
Closing services Jun 5
Departure Jun 7 – 9, if TestDaF is taken, departure must be later!
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The intensive courses finish with the Goethe-Zertifikat B1 or the TestDaF
The certificate TestDaF qualifies foreign students to apply to a German university.

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