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How to support FAU and get good things going?


The foundation’s capital can be increased by endowment. The money is invested to good account, and the interests are added to the foundation’s projects. However, this type of support only makes sense with larger amounts or estates. Otherwise, the sum that can actually be used is too small.

Support of projects

If you want to support one of the projects directly, the money will be used for a specific purpose according to your wishes.

Of course, general donations are also possible as single or permanent donation. The advantage of general donations is that FAU can use these donations where most needed.

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Contact person

Tobias Koch

Telephone: +49 (0) 3921 916-100

Current ­projects­


Icon PlusLibrary

Books are still an important medium for studies and research, but specialist books are expensive. FAU invests approx. €60,000 per year in new books for the School of Theology and the School of Social Sciences as well as in online databases.
To keep the book inventory up to date, FAU gladly receives every support.

If you donate 250 euros per year for the library, you will have the following benefits:

  • If you order books by “Bücherwaage” (book balance), you get a discount of 50% over 12 months.
    Link to the online book store:
  • You will become a book godparent, which means that books of the value of the amount donated will be assigned with your name. You will also get information about the number of books and book titles.
  • After an one-off registration, you may order circulating media from the catalog ( to your home free from charge.

Icon PlusOtto-Lüpke Building

The Otto-Lüpke Building is the main building of FAU and the landmark of Friedensau. In the past, it used to be called “Old School“ and was built at the beginning of the last century. Over the years, it has been used in various ways. Nowadays, the building houses the academic administration, teaching rooms, some student rooms, and the chapel.

For some time now, the damp basement of this impressive building has been a problem for FAU. Due to the high groundwater level, there is repeatedly water in the walls. FAU has already begun with draining, which is harmless to the building’s fabric, but costs ten thousands of euros.

Help to maintain the wonderful building!

Icon PlusStudent project Forest Run

Icon PlusStudent project »Cultural weekend«

FAU also gladly receives non-cash donations, since there is always a need for basic commodities on campus.

Please contact FAU for information about items currently needed, or if the item you would like to donate, is of use for FAU. Even land and real estate are considered non-cash donations.

Estate ­donation­

At some point, everyone comes to the point to think about what should happen to the estate. Certainly, the main focus is on the relatives, because they should be well taken care of. Nonetheless, there is often a desire to use the estate, or at least part of it, to create sustainable good.

If you are considering an estate donation and would like to support one of the projects, students, an endowed professorship, or the University in general, please contact FAU. FAU will gladly give you advice.

Making ­contact­

Do you know anyone, a private person, a company, or even an association that would like to support education? Anyone that might see the various opportunities and would like to support the implementation?
Then, please contact FAU. Having a network in society, the Church, and economy can help FAU to implement its ideas and objectives.
Therefore, we need people who make contact and create connections.