Master of Arts in ­Social and Health Management­

Enrollment for the program starting in the winter semester 2019/20 is not possible.

Graduates of the M.A. in Social and Health Management program are particularly qualified for administrative and leadership responsibilities in the social and health sectors. Students acquire legal and organizational knowledge which will be of help when starting their own business or becoming self-employed, a market segment with a promising future, especially in the health care sector.

Typical for the M.A. in Social and Health Management program at Friedensau Adventist University (FAU) are small working groups, personal supervision by the faculty, and plenty of room for personal training and development. For the students of the part-time program, the block weeks in Friedensau are a welcome "time-out" from everyday stress in the midst of untouched nature. Christian values are the basis for all interactions at FAU. Students with other or even no denominational background appreciate our campus life for its atmosphere of openness, respect, and appreciation. As a family-friendly university, FAU supports the reconciliation of family, career, and studies.

Application period

Beginning of the program

Length of the program

3 years / 6 semesters

Study option

Part-time studies


Master of Arts in Social and Health Management
(120 credits)


German. Foreign applicants who have little or no knowledge of German may take a one-year course in German as a Foreign Language at Friedensau Adventist University.


On request

Content and Structure


The M.A. in Social and Health Management program focuses on the management components of business administration, management concepts and instruments, operationalization strategies, methods as well as leadership and management approaches and their systemic-psychological interrelationships. Practical examples from social sciences and health sciences are constantly given.

The following subfields are included in the curriculum:

  • Management (including legal aspects for self-employment)
  • Leadership
  • Personal and social competence, communication
  • Law
  • Science and research (master's thesis)
  • Target groups/action fields in the social and health sector
  • Humanities and human sciences
  • Internship

The M.A. in Social and Health Management program trains students to do active research in existing problem fields of social work and/or health care as well as to find solutions for problems and (re-) design structures and processes. Graduates of the part-time master's program are qualified to develop innovative concepts for expanding the range of services, to start their own business or become self-employed in the social and health sector.


The normal program length is 6 semesters for part-time studies. Courses are offered during block weeks (20 credits per semester), so that the students can continue working in their careers. An internship of 4 weeks as well as a the master's thesis are elementary components of this program.

The program has a modular structure. A module consists of several courses, which are grouped in a thematic block. The modules generally take up one semester or one year of study.

Passing all individual courses of a module is the requirement for the completion of a module. The module overall grade is the arithmetic mean of the individual course grades. For each module completed, a set number of credits is given in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The credits are recognized throughout Europe and therefore transferable. Thus, transferring to a study program abroad should be easy.


Embedded in a preparatory and a reflection colloquium, the students do an internship of at least 4 weeks (160 hrs) in a field of work in the social and health sector, especially in the management of an institution. In participatory observation, students experience management processes and practice and are instructed by qualified staff, if possible, included in the processes. Empirical data may be collected during the internship and used as a basis for the master's thesis. Upon request, the results will be made available to the institution.

­Professional fields­

Graduates of the M.A. in Social and Health Management are qualified to take on various leadership and management tasks in the social and health sector.

Possible positions are:

  • Management in a department, project, or team in an institution concerned with social work or health care (e.g. child and youth services, social services, social and health care services)
  • Development, implementation, and administration of innovative concepts in mobile, ambulant, or semi-residential sectors (e.g. projects with several generations involved, educational projects, hospice projects)
  • Public relations, consulting/coaching of institutions or political decision-makers

Admission requirements

Enrollment in the program will not be possible beginning with the 2019/20 winter semester.

For all applicants, the prerequisite for the program is a bachelor's degree in social sciences, social pedagogy, psychology, educational sciences, political sciences, sociology, or in a n equivalent field of study with a final grade of at least 2.5 (or GPA 3.5 or better in the American grading system).

Foreign applicants who have little or no knowledge of German may take a one-year course in German as a Foreign Language at Friedensau Adventist University. Applicants must otherwise be able to demonstrate good knowledge of German, e.g. by successfully passing a test of German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF examination) with at least 2x TDN 4 and 2x TDN 3.

Overview of all grants

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Any questions?

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  • or in general

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Application for admission

Enrollment in the program will not be possible beginning with the 2019/20 winter semester.

Upon request, the Admissions Office will provide you with all documents necessary for the application for admission. Submit the complete application for admission and the following documents to the Admissions Office in full in due time:

  • Certified photocopies of the original certificates showing school-leaving qualifications and any periods of study
  • Certificate of participation in a self-perception course
  • Proof of the participation in two interviews as mentioned above
  • Information on how studies will be financed
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Photo

Periods of study should be documented as precisely as possible with relevant evidence, e.g. transcript. Please do not send original certificates! The documents remain in the possession of the university. Official translations of all foreign-language documents must be in German, except for English or French documents.

An application for admission can only be processed by the university when the necessary documents have been received in full. Hence the admission process can only consider those applications for which the necessary documents have been submitted by the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

­Letter of admission­

Enrollment in the program will not be possible beginning with the 2019/20 winter semester.

The application for admission will be processed by the Admissions Office. The decision on admission will be made under consideration of the admission capacity, the level of qualification, and the clarified student financing. If all necessary prerequisites are fulfilled, the applicant will receive a notice of admission. The letter of admission for foreign applicants will only be sent once the deposit has been paid.

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