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Icon PlusStudent Jobs

FAU offers various student jobs on campus.  If wished for, you can get more information concerning the application for student jobs from Imnh Hang Le.

The working hours are recorded and accounted by the program “ontime”.

The following link will lead you directly to the student work software “ontime”:

Login with your student account (student ID and password).

Icon PlusUniversity Computer Center (HRZ)

The IT department (Hochschulrechenzentrum, shortened to HRZ) plans, manages, and maintains the infrastructure of electronic communication on campus. It supports students and employees at university with work-related hardware and software problems. It is responsible for the purchase of new hardware and software. It also grants internet access at Friedensau Adventist University which is, however, provided by the German National Research and Education Network (DFN) and their terms.

General information

Internet access: public Internet computers can be found in the university library and can be used during the opening hours of the library. Students can also access the Internet computers in the entrance hall of the library around the clock (entry via transponder).

Network usage: The rooms in the halls of residence are generally fitted with an Internet connection (LAN) which students can use with their computer if they are registered for use. It is also possible, once registered, to get access to the university network and the Internet by WLAN in certain hotspots. An application for use is provided at the day of registration. The application is part of the welcome package of the IT department.

Internet Port opening: Due to safety guidelines, there are port restrictions at FAU. All standard ports are open. Specialized, non-standardized web services are blocked and thus cannot be used (e.g. online games).

University email/email in general: the following email ports are used by FAU: SMTP 587 (port 25 is not used anymore) POP 3 995, and IMAP 993, incoming/outgoing mail server "". Unfortunately, providers which only work via port 25 cannot be individually unblocked. Note: this only applies to sending/receiving email via email software. Sending and receiving via web access is not affected by these restrictions.

Alternative: use of data connections e.g. with personal mobile broadband sticks (reception quality: LTE). The required services are not used via the university network and are available according to the specifications of the provider.

Information for students

The IT department operates a number of specific servers, by which central services at FAU are provided. Among these services are university's email addresses, electronic campus administration, and file storage. The following services are especially important for you as a student:

  • CampusNet is the central student portal at Friedensau Adventist University. It grants you access to your grades and course outlines and enables you to get hold of your current timetables.
  • By the means of your personal student email address you will gain access to the latest academic news, and you will be able to get in touch with your lecturers and fellow students.
  • The IT department provides you with a broadband internet connection, through which you are able to do extensive research in whatever area of interest.

Information for guests

Friedensau Adventist University has its own WLAN network, which also may be used by guests. Currently, only specific places at FAU are part of the WLAN network. However, an expansion of the WLAN network is planned in future.

Hotspot ticket/WLAN access

    1. It is possible to get Internet access via a WLAN connection in various areas of the university.
    2. The hotspot tickets can be purchased in the guesthouse.
    3. After receiving of a hotspot ticket the user receives a code number which he uses as a LOGIN to get access.
    4. The hotspot ticket is valid for at least one year. The online time purchased can be used within this year.
    5. The connection only works if the notebook is fitted with the corresponding hardware and a driver.

Hotspots on campus

  • Aula (assembly hall) (MIC)
  • library
  • student hall of residence (CON)
  • guesthouse
  • teaching rooms (LÜP, MIC)
  • student centre (MEY)
  • convention centre (Mensa)
  • eco-house (campground)

The IT department (HRZ) does not  provide support for personal computers of students. The IT department does not guarantee the continuation of its user related services. We do, however, make every effort to remedy disruptions as quickly as possible. Every user that has received LOGIN credentials to the university network automatically agrees to comply with the regulations for network access (LAN and WIRELESS). Any user who fails to comply risks to lose his/her access to the university network.

We recommend that users log out after every session. There is also an automatic log-out from the system after about 60 minutes.

Conditions for network access at Friedensau Adventist University

Authorized individuals (users) have the right to use the WLAN access of the IT department (HRZ) of FAU  in accordance with the following terms and conditions. Users are obliged:

  • to refrain from any action which will disrupt the proper operation of the IT facilities of the IT department;
  • to treat all computer equipment, information and computer systems and other facilities of the IT department  with care and consideration;
  • to work only with the user identifiers which they have been permitted to use in the framework of their admission;
  • to take care that unauthorized persons are not allowed to access the IT resources of the IT department (do not give your access codes to any of university’s services to a third person)
  • neither to find out nor to use other people’s user identifiers and passwords;
  • not to gain unauthorized access to information of other users, or if information of other users is obtained, not to divulge it, use it, or change it without permission;
  • to comply with legal requirements, particularly those regarding copyright, when using software, documentation and other data, and to adhere to the licensing terms under which software, documentation and data are made available by the computer centre;
  • neither to copy nor to pass on to third parties any software, documentation or data made available by the IT department, unless this is explicitly permitted, nor to use this for purposes other than those permitted;
  • to show evidence of their entitlement to use the centre on request;
  • not to remedy disruptions, damage and faults in IT facilities and data media belonging to the IT department, but to report these to the HRZ staff immediately;
  • not to undertake any interventions into the hardware installation of the IT department without the explicit consent of the IT department, and not to alter the configuration of the operating systems, system data, system-relevant user data or the network;
  • to give the management of the IT department, upon request, information about programmes and methods used, and to allow inspection of the programmes, for monitoring purposes, in justified individual cases – especially where there is a reasonable suspicion of misuse, and in order to rectify faults.

Opening hours and contact

Opening hours

The HRZ is generally available at the following times:
Monday: 09:30 to 12:15
Tuesday: 13:15 to 15:00
Thursday: 10:00 to 12:00
and by appointment!

How to get in touch?

We request that IT problems, queries etc. be communicated to the HRZ by email or by the means of the contact form below. In the case of system failure notices, please do not forget to describe the problem as precisely as possible, ideally with an attached screenshot of the error message.

Students in particular are asked to give their full name, student ID number and address on campus in requests and communications.
We can of course also be contacted by phone if you prefer to talk to us that way.


Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ)
An der Ihle 7a (MEY 110)
39291 Möckern OT Friedensau

P  + 49 (0) 39 21 916 145/165

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