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As a state-accredited church-run university, FAU needs donors willing to invest in people and education. Even though investing in education might not seem to provide attractive interest on first sight and, for investing purposes, should be seen with respect to sustainability, education is worthwhile to be invested in. This is the reason why Malala Youfsafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, dedicated herself to the aim that one day each and every child should have the possibility to go to school, and thereby, the chance of educational advancement. An African saying says: “Education is the key to life.” What is better than helping people to master their lives?

Through the education in the School of Theology and the School of Social Sciences, FAU gives a perspective to young people enabling them to help other people, no matter where they are. Thus, FAU helps to get positive things going, because education improves, education helps, education liberates.  You can support the mission of FAU with your donation.

You can support projects of FAU for the benefit of all students or you can support individual students directly. Get informed on the corresponding pages and decide if you want to become a donor, support specific projects, or become a godparent.

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Friedensauer Hochschul-Stiftung
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
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Die Friedensauer ­Hochschul-Stiftung­

(civic foundation of FAU)

Friedensauer Hochschul-Stiftung principally serves for investment expenditures that are necessary to maintain the University’s business, the support of qualified education of pastors, social workers, the support of charitable, cultural, and scientific work.

FAU teaches its students the basic values of Christian faith, which determines positively the attitude towards people and society. This is the basis for teaching, thinking, and research at FAU. FAU wants its students to become multipliers. It is not only the big things that change the world, but also the little things that make a difference, intertwine, and form a network.  The more impulses given, the bigger the movement, just like drops falling into water.

However, FAU cannot fulfill its mission without external support. To ensure the maintenance of the University and to keep tuition as low as possible, every financial aid counts - no matter its amount. Since FAU is a state-accredited church-run university, FAU does not receive public fundings.

The foundation of FAU offers one advantage: For donations to the foundation of FAU, donors can claim tax deduction up to 20% of their income with the tax office. Upon request, FAU will issue a donation receipt.