­Tuition fees­ and financing

As a private university run under the auspices of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Friedensau Adventist University (FAU) receives no state subsidies, but finances itself from university fees and charges and, to a much greater extent, from subsidies from the church.

As well as an overview, the financial bulletin also contain many details on the different fees and services relating to studying, living and eating in Friedensau, as laid down in the contracts and regulations of FAU.

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Overview of fees and charges

The following fees and costs are incurred for the course:

Icon PlusDeposit

The tuition deposit and, if applicable, deposit for the hall of residence, are paid before the start of the course, along with the down payment, and returned after the course has been completed.

Before the start of the courseAmountDue date

Deposit* at the start of the course for the accommodation, will be returned in full after the student moves out (only for students who live on the campus)

Amount: 300.00Due date: with the down payment

Deposit* at the start of the course for transponders etc., will be returned in full at the end of the course (all students)

Amount: 300.00Due date: with the downpayment

Charge for issuing a declaration of commitment.

Amount: 50.00Due date: with the downpayment

*A guarantee may be provided instead of a deposit. Bank guarantees from German banks are accepted. Absolute guarantees are accepted from preachers in Germany, employees of Friedensau Adventist University or the old people’s home and of agencies and institutions of the Church of the Seventh Day Adventists in Germany.

Icon PlusDown payment

The down payment is due before the start of the course and is offset against the university fees.

Before the start of the courseAmountDue date

Down payment at the start of the course is offset against the university fees in full (at first study account for a semester, at second rent, if the student lives at the campus, then study account)

EU citizens
Amount: 500.00Due date: 31. Aug. / 31. Jan.
Non-EU citizens University studies
Amount: 4,200.00Due date: 30. Apr. / 31. Dec.
Non-EU citizens German for foreigners
Amount: 3,800.00Due date: 30. Apr.

Icon PlusTuition fees

For all students for the course.

Icon PlusHall of residence fees

For students in single, twin or triple rooms in the hall of residence. Only possible in conjunction with cafeteria fees.

See all accommodation options at Living in Friedensau.

Icon PlusCafeteria costs

Students can eat in the cafeteria at fair prices.

Icon PlusRent for apartment

For families, married couples, groups of people who rent an apartment on campus.

See all accommodation options at Living in Friedensau.

Icon PlusOther fees and charges.

Student Council, fees for certificates etc.

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If any questions arise relating to the study contract, the financing of studies or the processing of the payments, we at the Chancellor’s office would be happy to help. All means of communication are available:

Martina Lucke

Secretary Chancellor
Telephone: + 49 (0) 3921 916-107

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