Die Theologische Hochschule Friedensau ist in mehrere Projekte involviert:

Icon PlusEnzyklopädie der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten

Research. History. Future

“The Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists (ESDA) is a global church project that will produce an estimated 10,000 articles with accompanying photographs, media, and original documents. ESDA Online, the church’s first online reference work, will appear as a beta version in 2018, with the official site debuting at the 2020 General Conference session. This free website will live online indefinitely, to be constantly updated and expanded. The page you are on now is just a temporary site until ESDA Online goes live.

The Encyclopedia will be produced by the contributions of thousands of Seventh-day Adventists around the world.  Friedensau Adventist University collaborates in this project by serving as a regional office for the Euro-Asian, Inter-European and Trans European Divisions.

All the articles concerned with these two divisions will be written on a voluntary basis by members from all walks of life with expertise on a given subject. The goal of each ESDA article is to be honest, open, comprehensive, and rigorous, representative of the diversity and richness of Adventism in Europe, and fully understandable to both church members and the public. Keep your eye out for announcements on the launch of ESDA Online as well as weekly featured articles that will be released leading up to it.”

“To know more, you can visit the website of the project here: encyclopedia.adventist.org

Icon PlusMassai in Tansania

Für Menschen mit Menschen

Wir geben den Massai eine Aussicht auf bessere Lebensperspektiven
im Schulprojekt:
▸ Seit 2009 sind mehrere Schule eingerichtet worden
▸ Kauf von Schulmaterial
▸ Hilfe bei der Strukturierung des Schulwesens

Mit dem Wasserprojekt:
▸ Für jedes Dorf einen eigenen Wassertank
▸ Legen von Wasserleitungen

Verbesserung der Gesundheit:
▸ Information über Hygiene und deren Durchsetzung
▸ Ausgabe von Lebensmitteln

Bitte fördern Sie das Projekt in Tansania mit Ihrer Spende.
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