10. Sep. 2018

Handing over the Waldlauf donation cheque


On Friday 7th September 2018 the donation cheque for the charity marathon was transferred.
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26. Jul. 2018

Cape Coast Summer School 2018

Cape Coast Summer School 2018

The International Summer School 2018 took place from 16th to 28th of July 2018 at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) in Ghana.
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05. Jul. 2018

Thank you, Prof. Oestreich!

Bernhard Oestreich

Within the emission service of the Community Correspondence Course Abroad, group Gunzenhausen, on 1st of July 2018, Prof. Bernard Oestereich was adopted from his duty of the group.
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05. Jul. 2018

Community correspondence course 2018

Abschluss GemeindeFernStudium 2018

On 1st of July this year the participants of the community correspondence course abroad, group Gunzenhausen, received their certificates in a festive service, after completing three years of studying abroad.
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