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As a state-accredited church-run university, FAU needs donors willing to invest in people and education. Even though investing in education might not seem to provide attractive interest on first sight and, for investing purposes, should be seen with respect to sustainability, education is worthwhile to be invested in. This is the reason why Malala Youfsafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, dedicated herself to the aim that one day each and every child should have the possibility to go to school, and thereby, the chance of educational advancement. An African saying says: “Education is the key to life.” What is better than helping people to master their lives?

Through the education in the School of Theology and the School of Social Sciences, FAU gives a perspective to young people enabling them to help other people, no matter where they are. Thus, FAU helps to get positive things going, because education improves, education helps, education liberates.  You can support the mission of FAU with your donation.

You can support projects of FAU for the benefit of all students or you can support individual students directly. Get informed on the corresponding pages and decide if you want to become a donor, support specific projects, or become a godparent.

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Current projects

Icon PlusOtto-Lüpke House

The Otto-Lüpke House is the main building of the Theological College and the landmark of Friedensau. It used to be called the "Old School" and was built at the beginning of the last century. Throughout the years it has been used for many purposes. Today it houses the academic administration, teaching rooms, some student rooms and the chapel.

The damp cellar of this imposing building has been a problem for us for some time, as there is always water in the masonry due to the high groundwater level. A drainage, which is at the same time gentle for the building substance, was begun, but costs tens of thousands Euros.

Please help to preserve this listed building.

Icon PlusLibrary

Books are still an important medium for study and research, but reference books are expensive. Every year, approximately 75,000 Euros are invested in new books for our departments of Theology and Christian Social Work, as well as in online databases.
In order to be able to keep the range of books up to date, we appreciate any support.

Become a book sponsor! Donate money for textbooks - and in return the books worth the donated amount will be marked with the name of the donor. You will receive information about the number of books purchased and the book titles.

Icon PlusKlappermühle – rattle mill

The old mill is the oldest building in Friedensau and, together with its outbuildings, formed the core of the property in 1899, which Ludwig Richard Conradi acquired on behalf of the Church to found the industrial and missionary school. In recent years, it has housed the "Friedensau Children's and Youth Center," the Boy Scouts, and the campground office. Now we have received the funding decision for 350,000 EUR and still have to invest 150,000 EUR of our own funds to be able to renovate this historic building - and maintain it in an energy-efficient way. Therefore, every support is also needed for the preservation of the "Old Mill".

Icon PlusNew canteen "One canteen for all".

After almost 30 years of operation, both the kitchen and the dining hall of the university cafeteria would have to be thoroughly renovated. After such a long time, all the supply lines, the grease separators and the freight elevator - to name just a few - are worn out and need to be reinstalled. In addition, all the experiences of the daily meal service and the changed usage profile of the cafeteria should be taken into account: More local seniors are taking advantage of the university cafeteria's offerings, taking their meals in the dining hall, and, as they age, can no longer manage access via the stairs to the second floor. But: Unfortunately, there is no elevator.

And at this point, calculations have to be recalculated, because this major renovation effort makes a new building with a modified concept look better financially than a renovation. The bottom line, however, is that it will not cost the Anstalten, which is the sponsor of the university, any more than the originally planned reconstruction of the current cafeteria with the necessary renovation work. Costs can be significantly reduced due to the modern infrastructure and the larger - and daily better to plan - food input for a new central canteen (senior citizens' home, university, local residents). It is important for us to emphasize that this important project can also be supported with donations. About 500,000 EUR are missing for financing at the moment. Thank you for every donation!

Icon PlusStudent project "Forest run"

The "Forest Run for a Good Cause" is a charity run organized by the students of Friedensau Theological College on a voluntary basis.
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Icon PlusStudent project "Week of Cultures"

In May of each year, the students of Friedensau Theological College invite you to a Week of Cultures. For this purpose, several events are planned from Sunday to Sunday. Whether a soccer tournament between university staff and students, a concert, a devotion to meet under the Word, Shabbat Shalom, the bilingual service - many activities are planned and give this week a colorful and convivial framework. They show that Friedensau lives as a multicultural community; after all, more than 40 nations are represented on campus. As a conclusion of the Week of Cultures, an intercultural festival with music, games and folklore takes place on Sunday afternoon. Sponsors are welcome to support the financial expenses, which quickly exceed the student budget even for small projects.

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