Master of Arts ­Music Therapy­

Since 1988, music therapy courses have been offered in various forms and course combinations at the Friedensau Adventist University. Nowadays, music therapy can be seen as a practice-oriented branch of science, which is taught as a consecutive master's programme at FAU.

The Master of Arts in Music Therapy prove graduates to be experts in their field on the labor market that qualify for different practical, leadership and research tasks. The programme offers high flexibility in one's choice of career, which might turn out to be under contract or to run one's own office.

Application period

Admissions only to winter semester
no visa required:
1 April -  31. August
if visa required:
1 December - 31. March

Programme beginning

first block week (see information below)

Period of study

6 Semester ( 120 ECTS credit points)

Study mode

part time


Master of Arts (state-accredited)


German. Foreign applicants who have little or no knowledge of German can take a one-year course in German as a foreign language ("Deutsch als Fremdsprache") at Friedensau Adventist University.

Tuition Fees

Financial Bulletin

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Information and introductory events

In order to get an impression of the programme, Friedensau Adventist University offers students taster courses. Moreover, introductory and information events are offered on a regular basis in Berlin.


Institut für Musiktherapie Berlin
Waldhüterpfad 38
D-14169 Berlin-Zehlendorf

Participation in taster courses is combined with a prerequisite aptitude test for applicants. However, participation doesn’t oblige one to enroll for the programme. There is a participation fee of 45.00 €, which is cleared with the tuition fee in the case of a positive aptitude score and a successful enrollment.

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Petra Jürgens
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Contents and Structure

Contents and Structure
  • Music Therapy (introduction, theory, and practice; 40 ECTS credit points)
  • Music therapeutical internships (3 units; 20 ECTS credit points)
  • Psychology (10 ECTS credit points)
  • Health Sciences (10 ECTS credit points)
  • Research methods (15 ECTS credit points)
  • Ethics (5 ECTS credit points)
  • Master thesis (20 ECTS credit points)

Additional information can be found in the module handbook.


Course assessments which have been completed in a course on music therapy at Friedensau Adventist University and/or the Institut f�r Musiktherapie Berlin can be credited in the master's programme.


The standard period of study is 6 semesters for part-time students. Courses are offered during block weeks, three per semester.

The programme has a modular structure. A module consists of several courses which are grouped in a thematic block. The modules generally take up one semester or one year of study. The certificates of achievement from the individual units are the basis for the module grade, which is awarded as an overall grade. Credits are assigned to the successfully completed modules according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). The modules and their performance grades are thus recognized throughout Europe, making it easier to change one's place of study. Transfer to an overseas institution is also possible.

Job profiles

Music therapists who graduated from Friedensau Adventist University can work in the following areas:

medicine, clinical, in-patient

(adult psychiatry, children and youth psychiatry, neontology, geriatrics, oncology, psychosomatics and psychotherapy, hospice, rehabilitation,  pain therapy, inter alia)

social and pedagogic 

(schools, institutions for alternatively abled people, children and youth shelters, social and  remedial education centers, institutions of leisure education, creative workshops, inter alia)

advisory and preventive

(pastoral care, self-help groups, migration counseling, addiction counseling, crisis intervention, spa industry, salutogenesis)


(freelancer in one’s own social and / or psychotherapeutic office or as a visitor)

teaching and / or researching

(music therapeutic methodology and didactics or methodological in training or research facilities)


For all applicants, the prerequisite for the programme is a Bachelor's degree in social science, social pedagogy, psychology, educational sciences, music, sociology, or an equivalent with a GPA ? 2.5/3.5. If the required undergraduate degree of an applicant is outside the subject area, the applicant might have to prove the possession of knowledge in certain areas or has to enroll in some modules of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work at Friedensau Adventist University.Moreover, applicants are required to prove that they participated in at least 50 hours of self-perception courses. Exceptions may be granted by the examination board of the social science faculty of Friedensau Adventist University.

All applicants have to prepare for an interviews with a music therapy expert. Applicants are required to bring written proof of the interview with a remark that states that the applicant most probably is fit/conditionally fit/unfit to be a therapist. If an applicant is assessed as unfit in the interview, then the necessary prerequisites are not fulfilled. If an applicant is assessed as conditionally fit in the interview, then study permission might be granted under additional conditions.

Further more all applicants are required to participate in a music aptitude test according to German law (27 Abs. 7 Landesrecht Sachsen-Anhalt Hochschulgesetz (LSA-HSG). This aptitude test is first and foremost to estimate the musical communication competence of an applicant. The test is done together with the head of the degree programme and an external examiner. After the aptitude test has been passed successfully the applicant receives a certificate for it with a remark the applicant is either fit/conditionally fit/unfit.

Foreign applicants who have little or no knowledge of German can take a one-year course in German as a foreign language ("Deutsch als Fremdsprache") at Friedensau Adventist University. Applicants must otherwise be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of German, e.g. by successfully passing a test of German as a foreign language (TestDaF-Prüfung) with level-4 results in all 4 areas of performance (4 x TDN 4).


In order to be accepted for the Master of Arts in Music Therapy, a valid degree in one of the following areas is the minimum prerequisites:

  • Music
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Pedagogy
  • Social Sciences
  • Educational Sciences
  • Sociology

Moreover, the applicant must

  • show personal, musical, and professional aptitude
  • participate an information and introductory event
  • participate in an interview

Application ­process

  • Submit the fully completed application package on the application website within the application period.
  • The application will be discussed at the academic admission and financial committees respectively (within 1 week to 1 month). The decision of acceptance will be made under consideration of the enrolment capacity and a completed financial plan.
  • The admission committees’ decision will be communicated to the applicant by the admissions office within one week by e-mail.
  • Admitted applicants will be asked to transfer the down payment and deposit to the University within 2-3 weeks after the admission decision is communicated.
  • Upon the receipt of the down payment and deposit, the admissions office prepares and sends to the prospective student the study documents, in case a visa is required also the relevant for the embassy which may take up to 1 month.
  • only with visa requirement: The applicant applies for a student visa. Please check in advance how much time you need in order to receive an appointment at the respective embassy. The visa application normally takes 6-8 weeks.
  • Applicants for the Master programmes Music Therapy and Counseling will be contacted by the Admission Office regarding the certificates of participation in a self-perception course, the results of the interviews (1 for Music Therapy, 2 for Counseling) and the aptitude test (only Music Therapy) after later in the application process. There is no need to upload these documents.

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