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Adventist Education in Germany 2023 (GER)

Support Adventist education in Germany: the Marienhöhe School Centre and Friedensau Adventist University.

Study what makes you happy! (EN)

The Friedensau Adventist University is a state-recognised institution of higher education under the patronage of the Free Church of Seventh-day Adventists. It was founded in 1899 and looks back on a successful time and valuable experience in study and teaching.

Welcome to Friedensau

Join us on a video tour of the campus of Friedensau Adventist University.

Faculty of Theology

Study theology and become a pastor! (GER)

Philip, a theology student in the master's program at the Friedensau Adventist University, describes the theology course that is paving the way for him to become a pastor.

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Friedensau Adventist University - Master’s in Pastoral Ministry (EN)

The Master’s degree with a focus on Pastoral Ministry is a mission-oriented program that enhances students’ pastoral abilities and deepens their theological foundations.
It's just the right program for you if you want to train on the Master's level to serve in a European setting - here you can reflect on the challenges of the ministry academically and study from an Adventist perspective and within the context of European culture, history, and theology.

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Faculty of Social Sciences

B.A. International Social Work (EN)

Our Bachelor’s International Social Work (ISW) program offers students the expertise to become social workers without borders. Placing emphasis on our global interconnectedness, students get a chance to explore local social problems from global perspectives, while also appreciating their local context. Our students learn to connect and empower individuals, groups and communities. We address current social issues, such as migration and refugees, sustainability, child protection, human rights and social development.

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Study B.A. Social Work in Friedensau (GER)

In Friedensau you study social work on an international campus in a personal atmosphere.
Here you will learn more about how our society functions, in what contexts people's actions are to be understood and what effective help looks like.

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Master's program in music therapy in Friedensau

Are you interested in music therapy? Are you looking for a special place where you can earn your Master's degree in music therapy in three years while working? Then take a closer look at Friedensau Adventist University.

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Profile of music therapy in Friedensau

What can you expect from the Master's degree program in Music Therapy at Friedensau Adventist University?
For example, what does the combination of theory and practice look like? Find out more in this video.

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My M.A. Counselling Studies at the Friedensau Adventist University (GER)

Our student Ronja gives insights into her counselling studies in Friedensau. Do you have questions about the program?
Feel free to contact us!

M.A. Counselling - part-time or full-time (GER)

The Master of Arts in Counselling focuses on providing a foundation for work in the field of marriage, family and life counselling. The degree program is suitable as further education in the field of social work and social pedagogy and other helping professions, but also as a specialisation for pastoral services in a Christian congregation.

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