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  • PD_291012.11.2014Journal EN

    Your driving licence and motor vehicle registration papers please!

    Road users in Germany may suffer a slight moment of apprehension when they hear these words, in stark contrast to drivers in East European, African or (South) American State, where they would probably hand over money at the same time to avoid unpleasant controls. If you tried to do this in Germany, you would be […] Read more

  • FFF_2014_Web12.11.2014Journal EN

    Annual meeting 2014 of the FFF from 24th to 26th October

    Once a year the members of the Friedensau International Support Society (FFF) come together to discuss society issues and to meet those who have profited from funding. For instance, young Christians from across the world are given the opportunity to study at the Friedensau Adventist University and to take part in various supplementary projects allowing […] Read more

  • Grad_Luftb_201412.11.2014Journal EN

    Graduate ceremony

    A formal ceremony was held on Sunday, 12.10.2014, at the Friedensau Adventist University during which 47 students received their certificates after passing their final examinations. These were graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Health ad Welfare Science, Social Work and Theology as well as the Master of Arts in Social and Health Management, Counselling, […] Read more

  • plakat-web-453x64012.11.2014Journal EN

    International poster exhibition ‘War and violence’

    The library at the Friedensau Adventist University is currently preparing for a poster exhibition with motifs on the subject of ‘War and violence’. The opening ceremony will take place on 11th November 2014, 5 pm, in the library foyer. The posters are a reminder of the anniversary of the signing of the cease fire and […] Read more

  • Studienjahreröffnung_201412.11.2014Journal EN

    Welcome, new students

    Prof. Friedbert Ninow, rector of the Friedensau Adventist University, welcomed the new students of the Christian social affairs and theology course in the main hall. He emphasised that at a small but international college like ours, personal relationships are important for a sense of well-being; he also compared studying to a tower that is built […] Read more

  • IMG_7040_web25.09.2014Journal EN

    Back from Tanzania

    They flew to Kilimanjaro, the airport in Tanzania. They then took a four-hour drive in a car to reach Longido, the land of the Massai. 13 students, two lecturers and a doctor were with the Massai in Tanzania from the 2nd to the 24th of September 2014, to expand schools that had already been built […] Read more

  • IMG_7014_web23.09.2014Journal EN

    International students on the inter-cultural week

    The international diversity festival kicked off in Burg on 22 September, under the motto ‘Finding common ground … Celebrating differences’ – and students of the university played an active part in the opening ceremony. Viridiana Corral Martinez (ISS) delivered a presentation about her native country of Mexico, Reby Isaac (ISS) performed an Indian dance and […] Read more

  • IMG_689315.09.2014Journal EN

    Beginning of the German language course

    Ten students – four Americans, two Indonesians, two Russians and two Ukrainians – want to learn German for very different reasons. Some of the Americans have German forefathers and relatives living in Germany. All of them have enrolled in the ACA (‘Adventist Colleges Abroad’) programme, and receive academic credits for the course. The month of […] Read more

  • TdoTür_Waldfriede_201405.09.2014Journal EN

    University booth at the Waldfriede hospital

    There is a close connection between Berlin’s Waldfriede hospital and the Friedensau Adventist University. In historical terms, this bond was based on the Friedensau sisterhood. Today, it is nurtured by the BA course in health and nursing sciences. This course is offered as a dual degree course by the hospital and the university. So naturally, […] Read more

  • Blog KU15.08.2014Journal EN

    Children’s university 2014

    For the sixth time, the Friedensau Adventist University opened up its lecture halls on 15.08.2014 and turned itself into a children’s university, which made it possible for children in the age group of 7-11 years to get a glimpse of the world of research and discovery. Dr Johannes Hartlapp and Tobias Koch (Ass. Jur.), who […] Read more


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  • Spes Christiana Valuegenesis Cover

    Spes Christiana Valuegenesis

    New Publication on Valuegenesis Europe We are pleased to present to the public the research findings of a large-scale survey among approximately 6,000 Adventist young people in 17 European countries: Valuegenesis Europe. With its nine articles, this special issue of the journal Spes Christiana evaluates the answers of youth to more than 300 questions about […] Read more