The ThHF App for students of Friedensau Adventist University

The ThHF app supports you in organizing your studies & everyday university life. After installation, you have access to an extensive range of free features.

The app offers these functions:


The newsfeed is the start page of the app. There, students are informed about the latest news from the university. Students can follow the profiles of various institutions, departments or student representatives and will not miss any important news due to the push notification. Furthermore, there is a "Follow Me" area in the news feed, where all profiles that the student follows are clearly listed.


The timetable can be easily imported into the calendar, so that no lecture or other important appointment is forgotten. Automatic updates of the calendar by the university's system can be realised and university appointments in the feed can be saved directly in the calendar by the students.


The to-do list feature provides an overview of all tasks that still need to be completed and helps to check off completed activities. Students will be informed about the end of deadlines via push notification.


In the app, all grades are displayed in a clear format and statistics. Additionally, students have the option to manually add grades to calculate your grade point average.


In the app, students can view borrowed books and renew them with the click of a button. Furthermore, the app informs about the end of loan periods.


With the Mensa function, students can access the current menus and opening hours of the Mensa. The dishes can be filtered by vegetarian and vegan. The module can be placed as a widget on the smartphone home screen and a Watch version is available.


With the link collection, all important links for everyday university life can be bundled and are thus also always quickly accessible on the move.  Due to the role differentiation, it is possible, for example, to show employees other links (travel expense report, etc.). In addition, students can also add their own links and edit the order of the links.

Header image cellphone: Adobe Stock | blackzheep