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The Friedensau campus differs from other university locations in many ways.

The campus is close to nature, and all facilities are within easy reach: This saves time and reduces stress. The proximity of students and lecturers promotes mutual trust and relaxed interaction. In addition to studying, there are numerous spiritual, cultural, artistic and sporting activities for active leisure time in Friedensau.

Friedensau visitor guidance system: concept, graphics and digitalisation

The Friedensau Institutes, sponsors of the Friedensau Theological College, are developing a new multimedia visitor guidance system.
This includes various measures:

  • Development of a static signposting system (overview boards and information signs).
  • Development of a mobile web guide in the form of an app

This will make the route through Friedensau more eventful. Information on the history of the village, on the fauna and flora of the surrounding forest areas and on the historical personalities of the village can be accessed in future via the various information systems.

In the future, the tourist information and guidance system in Friedensau will inform visitors about all permanent and short-term offers as well as places and destinations of special interest.

The target group for these measures in particular are visitors from the immediate region and from all over Germany, visitors from abroad as well as international students. In order to provide everyone with the necessary information, all information of the guidance system (signage and app) will be written in German and English.

This project is funded by:

Bild der THH Friedensau