Biblical Research Institute (USA) plans to publish book by Daniel Heinz

06. Mar. 2023

The study "Christianity Meets Islam" was co-authored by Daniel Heinz who is in charge of the European Adventist Archives located on campus of Friedensau Adventist University. The other author was Hans Heinz who passed away in 2021. The book was originally published in German by the Advent-Verlag, Zürich (2008). After a smaller Ukrainian edition had been prepared a few years ago, the book now appeared in Russian as an updated and expanded version. It is especially popular among Adventists in Muslim-dominated regions of the Russian Federation (North Caucasus) and in the countries of Central Asia where Islam functions as a state religion. The study serves primarily as a companion book in the training of Adventist pastors and mission workers who come into contact with local Muslim believers.

It is noteworthy that the book is now being translated into English by the Biblical Research Institute (BRI, Silver Spring, USA), particularly under the editorial guidance of Dr. Gerhard Pfandl. Once in print, it will reach a global readership. So far the BRI which specifically provides theological and missiological literature for the mission and mandate of the Adventist world church has not been in the position to offer a monograph on Islam from an Adventist perspective. The new English edition will hopefully close this lacuna. The book in English has been expanded by several new chapters and also contains some limited information on political Islam. Dr. Daniel Heinz is obviously the first author of Friedensau Adventist University to be honored by the BRI with the publication of this book in English.

BRI veröffentlicht Buch von Dozent Daniel Heinz | Theologische Hochschule Friedensau