Soccer match Europe vs. Africa

22. Oct. 2019

On Sunday, October 20, 2019, it was time for another special soccer match in Friedensau! The European team and the African team competed against each other. Referee Roland Fischer made sure the match was fair. After eventful 90 minutes, the African team—with great support from South America—left the soccer field as the winning team. The team with Emmanuel from Ghana had fought hard for the victory with a final score of 8:2 and, therefore, was handed over the well-deserved winner's cup!

The players of both teams belong to the staff and students of Friedensau Adventist University. Two hours prior to the soccer match at 4 pm, the female students had already had their own sports competition at 2 pm, where it was less about victory and trophy, but rather about games and fun.  As always, the question remains: When will the revenge take place?!