Forest run for a good cause – Waldlauf für den guten Zweck

April, 21, 2024 in Friedensau

A warm welcome to the page of the „Waldlauf für den guten Zweck – Forest run for a good cause“. We are very excited about your interest in our work. The next „Waldlauf“ will take place on April, 21, 2024, 3–5 pm,  in Friedensau. Browse through old memories on our page or register for the upcoming “Waldlauf “- as a runner or sponsor. This year, the donations will go to the children's and youth fire departments of Möckern. They do a great job in promoting young people and at the same time ensure the next generation of firefighters. As fire department work in Germany is largely organized on a voluntary basis, your donation will help to contribute to the safety of us all.

1.30 – 2.30 p.m. Registration for runners, late registration for not yet registered runners
3.00 p.m. Start Run for a Good Cause | New: Start at the Friedensau fire station, Ahornstraße 13
5.30 p.m. Presentation of certificates

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Your „Waldlauf“-Team
A project by our Student Council Friedensau

Logo – Waldlauf Friedensau

We are looking for your suggestions for future projects

For the 2025 Forest Run (and following years), we are looking for project(s) to advocate and fundraise for. Do you have any suggestions which project would be a good fit? Would you like to apply with your own project? You can submit your suggestions to us via our suggestion form.
If you have any questions, please contact us at .

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By April 18, 2024 the latest

Subsequently only directly on the day of the event on site

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If you register as a runner, please first select the item Runner from the options to the left. If you register as a sponsor, please first select the item Sponsor. Then you can to enter further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Icon FragezeichenWho is the “Waldlauf” – Forest Run?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

The „Waldlauf für den guten Zweck“ (Forest Run for a Good Cause) is a charity run organized by the students of the Friedensau Adventist University on a voluntary basis.

Icon FragezeichenWhat is the purpose of the „Waldlauf” – Forest Run?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

The study programs offered at FAU all have a social orientation. The students would like to do something good for the environment and support the local community with the „Waldlauf“ - Forest Run.

Icon FragezeichenWhat is the hygiene concept?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

The hygiene concept will be developed close to the day of the run, adapted to the epidemic situation and the applicable laws (changes reserved).
Forest running takes place outdoors; no other legal requirements apply.

Icon FragezeichenHow can my project be supported?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

The decision about projects to be supported is made by the FAU student council. You are welcome to introduce yourself to us by mail or via the contact form on the website. We will consider you for the next „Waldlauf“ – Forest Run.


Icon FragezeichenHow can I participate in the run?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

Simply sign up via the registration form, by E-mail, or via available sign-up sheets. Everyone is welcome, whether as a runner or as a sponsor. We are also happy to have additional helpers on site to make the run run smoothly.

Icon FragezeichenI don't have a sponsor, can I still run?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

Yes. We have been able to gain some companies as sponsors, which we will allocate to runners without a sponsor.

Icon FragezeichenWhen do I have to have registered by?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

Please register by April 13, 2023.

Icon FragezeichenHow do I find a sponsor?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

Anyone can be a sponsor. Your own company, grandma, best friend, class teacher, your own pocket money. You can sponsor yourself, for the psychological effect it makes sense to have another person sponsor you.


Icon FragezeichenDo the donations really reach the cause?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

100% of the donations are given to the projects. Since the run is organized on a voluntary basis and material costs are covered by other funds, we are able to pass on the entire donation amount.

Icon FragezeichenCan I just donate without running myself?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

Of course. There are always runners who do not have sponsors. Every contribution helps, feel free to contact us.

Icon FragezeichenWhat happens with the donations?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

After all donations are received, we will send them to the projects, where they will use them at their own discretion.

Icon FragezeichenWhen do I have to have transferred the amount I have raised by?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

Please transfer until April 23, 2023.

Icon FragezeichenWhere should I transfer my donation?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

To the account of the Friedensau Adventist University.

Friedensauer Hochschul-Stiftung Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
(Friedensau University Foundation Bank for Social Economy)
IBAN: DE53 8102 0500 0001 485400
Intended purpose: Forest Run Friedensau + Runner's name

Without an intended purpose the donation cannot be used.

The run

Icon FragezeichenAre only children allowed to run the children's course?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

The children‘s route is basically open to everyone. Whether parents with strollers, seniors with walkers or physically handicapped persons – everything is possible. We only ask that you remain fair to your sponsors and carefully consider whether the children's route is necessary for you.

Icon FragezeichenWhy is there no “Dorffest” village festival this year? Wasn't there always otherwise?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

The village festival is not an integral part of the run. This year it could not take place on this date for various reasons.

Icon FragezeichenI am suddenly sick on the day of the run, what happens now?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

As a sponsor, your personal appearance is not required at the run. As a runner, you are not obligated to do anything, but we would still appreciate the planned donation.

Icon FragezeichenWill my speed be measured professionally?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

We can‘t promise it. Since we work purely on a voluntary basis, we rely on support in this regard. We will do our best to organize an appropriate technique.

Icon FragezeichenAre there beverage stations along the run?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

Water stations will be available along the course.

Icon FragezeichenHow long is the run?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

The running time is two hours. It is possible to stop sooner. Please remember: No one should go beyond their personal strength.

After the run

Icon FragezeichenWill showers be available?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

After the run you will get the possibility to take a shower. Please bring your own Shampoo.

Icon FragezeichenWhat will I get as a "thank you" for my participation?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

Every participant gehts an certificate for his participation, where we fill in the gaps he/she was running.

Icon FragezeichenWill there be food?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

Everybody can buy food in the Ladencafé. A part of the money they will also donate to the projects.


Icon FragezeichenCan I promote and advertise for my company at the run?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

For sponsors there is the possibility of an promotional mention during the event in Friedensau (April 24, 2022) and optionally the mention in a newspaper article. The design of the advertising is relatively flexible. Promotional banners, T-shirts or any other promotional items appropriate to a sporting event can be used. In this regard, please contact the event director (Kathrin Taraba) to discuss further details. Furthermore, sharing or announcing the event to co-workers, friends, relatives, etc. is encouraged. Sponsors are free to participate in the charity run themselves.

Icon FragezeichenCan only companies be sponsors?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

No, anyone who wants to may donate.

Icon Fragezeichen

Any questions?

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

History of the Waldlauf


  • Supported Project: Children's and youth fire departments of Möckern
  • Main Organizer: Kathrin Taraba and Matej Lukšić
  • Donations Collected:


  • Supported Project: Workshop for disabled people | Zabakuck Zoo
  • Main Organizer: Kathrin Taraba and Matej Lukšić
  • Donations Collected:


  • Supported Project: „Kinder- und Jugendhaus Lüttgenziatz und Frauenhaus Burg“ – Children‘s Home Jerichower Land; Women‘s shelter Burg
  • Main Organizer: Kathrin Taraba
  • Donations Collected: 3.000 Euro | Handover of donations


  • Supported Project: „Evangelische Grundschule Burg“ – Protestant Primary School Burg
  • Main Organizer: Christian Menn
  • Donations Collected: 7.500 Euro – Handover of donations


  • Supported Project: Sozialkaufhaus Burg
  • Main Organizer: Christian Hübler
  • Donations Collected: 7.000 Euro


  • Supported Project: „Sprachcafé“ – Language Café at SKZ Burg
  • Main Organizer: Samuel Kubesch


  • Supported Project: „Kindertagesstätte Regenbogen“ – Children‘s Day Care Center – Regenbogen
  • Main Organizer: Nils Podziemski


  • Supported Project: „Kinderclub International“ – Children‘s Club
  • Main Organizer: Bastian Bak