Movie and Discussion at Friedensau Film Club

28. Oct. 2021

On October 25, 2021, the Friedensau Film Club showed the film "God is not working on Sunday" (2014) and invited to a discussion afterwards.

The film documents how Godelieve and Florida, two women from Rwanda, are committed to "overcoming the traumas of genocide and creating self-determined, new spaces for themselves and other women. ... They do this by organizing activities and trainings for individual women, but also for entire communities, with survivors as well as perpetrators. They also persistently shake the taboo of sexualized war violence. ... (Now) Rwanda is considered one of the most progressive countries on the African continent. Rapid economic growth, a leader in IT technology, and the superlative of being the first country in the world ruled by a majority of women" (; accessed Oct. 26, 2021). In 1994, the Rwandan regime and its supporters killed almost one million people – primarily Tutsi, but also Hutu who refused to participate in the genocide against Tutsi. The genocide also included massive sexual violence.

The discussion that followed was conducted in the presence of director Leona Goldstein; Charles Hategekimana (Ph.D. Student, Social Sciences) also participated in the discussion, as did about 40 other students and faculty. Ines Uwase (Student, International Social Sciences Program) moderated the event.

Bild der THH Friedensau