Help shape the Arena on the Camping Grounds Friedensau!

31. Jan. 2019

The work on the construction site is currently resting. But on one part of this forward- looking plan future users are invited to participate. It’s an arena benefiting the public so everybody should feel spoken to: How would you feel if you donated for a bench in the arena? Why not do something good and for your region? Look up whats it about and how you can become a donator: Everybody gets a chance to donate for a bench for two or to donate for a whole row of seats. Everybody donating for a row can get a little sign with their name on it.

Mabey this is an opportunity to make your Pathfinder group or youth group home at the arena of Friedensau? We would be delighted. It would be an additional and further step to completing the arena and events could soon again take place. The first events are planned: 30th May to 3rd June 2019 the annual pathfinder camp of Adventist youth Germany will take place. The theme will be: “Friendship that changes my world” – it could mean to restore the friendship with Friedensau. Take this perfect opportunity to help design the new arena and be a part of this camping grounds!

For those not donating via the Internet there is another way to do it:

Recipient: Zeltplatz Friedensau gGmbH
Bank account: Sparkasse Jerichower Land | IBAN DE43 8105 4000 0505 0149 39

We are happy to build new friendships!

Bild der THH Friedensau
© ThHF | Architect Edmundo Martinez Moreno