Mission statement

Friedensau Adventist University offers biblically founded holistic education for those seeking to work for the wellbeing of individuals, the church, and communities.

1. Focus

Our concentration is on service-oriented disciplines in the schools of theology and social work. As an international university, we are committed to interculturality and equal opportunities, and have a history of long-standing relations with countries on all continents.

2. Research and teaching

Our programs are targeted to provide our students with the basics of the respective field as well as current research contributions. Research and teaching are based on scientific methods, openness of results, and responsibility before God and man. The aim of teaching is to promote research and to combine application competencies so that our graduates are highly qualified to meet the requirements of their future careers.

We also offer further education and training as a means of lifelong learning. Teachers and students
contribute to the scientific discourse through publications. Teaching and research form a unity
and are holistic, interdisciplinary, and based on Christian ethics.

3. Community

On our university campus, our teachers, employees, and students form a trusting, tolerant, multicultural, and cooperative community. We want to promote all members of this community holistically. Equality between men and women is a basic principle, as is respect for other religions, worldviews and cultures. As a family-friendly university, we want to ensure the compatibility of studies, career, and family. This is also supported by the spacious structure of the campus with its beautiful parks and woods.

4. Society and spirituality

We are convinced that faith, education, and our lifestyle form a unity. In our actions, we strive to reflect a spirituality based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we promote identity formation through encouragement and
empowerment for self-reflection. It is also our goal to make a positive contribution to the organization of church and society. In this comprehensive sense, we want to fulfill our mission as a university community.


The Friedensau Adventist University is a state-recognised university run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Eight B.A. and M.A. degree programmes can be studied here - some of them part-time - in the fields of Christian social work and theology. Around 40 nations are represented among the students and teachers. Prospective students can register for taster studies and experience life in the auditorium and on campus.

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