Mission statement

The mission of our university is to make a contribution in the areas of education and scholarship, for the church and society. As a free-church, Adventist institution we are aligned with reformatory tradition and innovative thinking. Our research and teaching are thus based on scientific methods, a fundamental openness towards unforeseen results, and responsibility towards God and humanity.


As a university with a special profile, we concentrate on those disciplines which are concerned with service towards people. Our areas of focus are theology, social sciences, development cooperation and health sciences. We see ourselves as an international university, committed to interculturalism and equal opportunities, and carrying on a history of long-lasting relationships with countries in every continent.


We are a campus university. This means that our teachers, employees and students form a trusting, tolerant, multicultural and cooperative community. We wish to give holistic support to all members of this community. Here equality between men and women is a basic fact, as is respect for other religions, worldviews and cultures. As a family-friendly university, we wish to create conditions which make it easier to reconcile study, profession and family. The spacious layout of the campus with its natural setting also contributes to this.

We undertake to teach students the fundamentals of the relevant field of scholarship, as well as dealing with current contributions to research. The objective of our teaching is to combine skills in research and in the application, ensuring that our graduates always work to high standards and satisfy the demands of their areas of responsibility. We also offer further education and professional development, following the principle of lifelong learning. University teachers and students contribute to the scholarly discourse with publications. Our teaching and research, which form a single unit, are based on Christian ethics and have a holistic, interdisciplinary focus.

Society and spirituality

We are convinced that faith, education and lifestyle are inseparable. We strive to reflect, in our actions, a spirituality based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We, therefore, foster the personal development of identity by encouraging and enabling self-reflection. Our aim is also to provide a constructive and critical commentary on the development of the Church and society. This is our comprehensive understanding of our mission and the way we as a university community seek to fulfil it.