László Szabó, lecturer at Friedensauer, stands in for US-Pastor at the congress

03. Sep. 2020

That would cause sleepless nights for many an organizer. A congress with several hundred conference participants is scheduled: The programs have been worked out, the invitations have been sent out - and the main speaker cannot make it. In this case from the USA to the Czech Republic because of the Covid-19 travel restrictions. It concerned the ASI congress. ASI stands for Adventist Self-Sustaining Institutions, Businesses and Mission Groups, an association that operates in several countries in Europe and the world.
The congress was to be held in Olomouc (Czech Republic) in the summer of August 28–29, 2020, with the US Adventist evangelist Doug Batchelor as the main speaker. Since Batchelor was unable to travel to the Czech Republic, the organizers asked László Szabó, a lecturer at the University of Friedensau Adventist University, who is responsible for the research and teaching area "Missiology and Intercultural Studies", whether he would be able to fill in for Doug Batchelor – and László was able to agree. With his field of research, he is an expert on the great topic of "mission".
In August he gave several lectures in Olomouc, at the foot of the Beskydy Mountains, on the topic "Our Mission". He was able to draw on various statistical surveys, including a study of the structure of society in the Czech Republic. He took this study as a basis for his explanations of how to convey Christian values and basic beliefs in postmodern society, especially in the Czech Republic.
The Czech Republic is probably the least religious country in the world. 91 percent of young adults (16 to 29 years old) are far from the church. But 70 percent "believe" in something, at least in lucky charms and non-scientific phenomena. These are signs of a latent religiousness in Czech society. Missionaries, pastors and Bible workers should know about this and take it into account in their ministry. Missions of an institutional nature are hardly possible any more, but rather personal-authentic forms will have to be found.
The congress participants, about 300 to 400 Czech and Slovak pastors and parishioners, could be strengthened in their missionary and faith power thanks to the creative and spontaneous commitment of the Friedensauer lecturer.

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