Thank you, Prof. Oestreich!

05. Jul. 2018

Within the emission service of the Community Correspondence Course Abroad, group Gunzenhausen, on July 1, 2018, Prof. Bernhard Oestreich was adopted from his duty of the group. The Vice-President of the North German Union Conference Friedbert Hartmann expressed his gratitude towards Prof. Oestreich­ for his special engagement. He appreciated his expenditure of time and his passion for his work as lecturer, as he could make an impact on more than 350 people in their task to announce the word.

Because of their cooperation he could see a bible text in another light and their collaboration with the Community Correspondence Course was a great asset to him. He escorted the course since 1986 and instructed 25 courses all over Germany in total. Bernhard Oestreich operated as professor for New Testament at Friedensau Adventist University.

Bernhard Oestreich
Prof. Bernhard Oestreich