Graduates of the „GemeindeFernStudium“ get diplomas

08. Jul. 2019

On 30th June 2019 the graduates of the „GemeinndeFernStudium“, group Leipzig, got their certificates. The participants travelled from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt to complete their 3 years of studying abroad. They have successfully learned about Church and Adventist History (Dr. Johannes Hartlapp) in the first year, in the second year Systematic Theology (Dean of Theology Department, Stefan Höschele, PhD) and in the third year Homiletics (Prof. Bernhard Oestreich). They are now fully trained to give sermons, for missionary church planting and for leading tasks. The project is currently managed by Church Historian Dr. Johannes Hartlapp.

The „GemeindeFernStudium“ is an educational offer oft he SDA Church in Germany to theological qualify congregation members It is open for all german-speaking SDA’s. More information and dates:

Bild der THH Friedensau
Three years successfully studied: „GemeindeFernStudium“, group Leipzig.
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