Prof. Rolf Pöhler spoke at conference in Scotland

09. Oct. 2022

On October, 8, 2022, Prof. Rolf Pöhler was the main speaker at the Scottish Mission Conference in Dunfermline near Edinburgh on the occasion of the Day of Fellowship. Under the title "Operation Enduring Faith", he gave two lectures on the topic of "Resilience". He discussed how resilience – resilience/stability and adaptability/flexibility – can be strengthened in the face of countless personal and societal challenges. Conference participants were encouraged to use their resilience empathetically for the benefit of others, following the example of Jesus who preached a message of encouragement to people and had their holistic well-being in mind. The estimated 500 participants came mainly from the Edinburgh and Glasgow regions.

Bild der THH Friedensau
Prof. Rolf Pöhler spoke at conference in Scotland.
Photograph: private