Summer School Music Therapy took place

15. Sep. 2021

From August 30 to September 2, 2021, the Summer School »Auf-Takt« took place at the Institute for Music Therapy at Friedensau Adventist University (FAU). Prof. Dr. Petra Jürgens and Dr. Regina Lorek taught the basics of Music Therapy. The two academics, Prof. Petra Jürgens (head of the M.A. Music Therapy program at FAU) and Dr. Regina Lorek (lecturer Music Therapy), who organized the Summer School, presented the spectrum of music therapy forms of action in a variety of ways. Participants playfully experienced the art, magic and effectiveness of music therapy practice. Claudia Sokolis-Bochmann, one of the participants describes her impressions as follows: "It was a successful overture for the study year ahead of us, in which we students and future students played music together, improvised, listened, danced, painted, designed, learned with each other and came into eye contact. After a year of studying in front of a screen, it was touching and a gift for me to be able to experience fellow students and faculty live, to have lakeside conversations and break encounters in Friedensau on site."

The idyllic wooded setting of Friedensau provided additional recreation during breaks. There was an opportunity for tennis, table tennis, outdoor chess or walks by the lake and in wonderful nature. The event was also a preparatory prelude to the winter semester 2021/22.

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Bild der THH Friedensau
Summer School »Auf-Takt« in Friedensau