Invitation to the panel discussion “Why vote?”

05. Jun. 2024

As part of the Open Day on June 9, 2024, which is also election day for the municipalities and the European Parliament, Friedensau Adventist University is hosting a panel discussion entitled “Why vote? Co-determination and participation – the importance of elections for democracy". Starting at 3.45 p.m. in the Kulturscheune, An der Ihle 10, elected representatives will discuss the significance of the voters' mandate for their office for around an hour. How do they deal with the expectations of the electorate and the challenges that cannot be dealt with on the basis of formal responsibilities? What value do elections and voter participation have and how can we motivate voters to get involved? These questions will be discussed with each other and with the audience. This is not about election advertising, but about advertising for voting and participation in democratic processes.

The panel will include the District Administrator of Jerichower Land, Dr. Steffen Burchhardt, the Mayor of Möckern, Doreen Krüger, the Member of the Council of Elders of the State Parliament, Markus Kurze, the elected Superintendent of the Protestant church district of Elbe-Fläming, Ute Mertens, and the student representative of Friedensau Adventist University, Damir Mitrov. The event will be moderated by the university's chancellor, Tobias Koch. Admission to this event is free.

The detailed program of the open day can be found at |

Friedensau has been in existence for 125 years.June 9, 2024 is the best opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the facilities that have been built in the middle of the forest over the years and where, today as 125 years ago, people are trained to actively and committedly follow a vocation to serve others and make this world a little better.Friedensau is not only a place to study, but also a place to live, live and work.Here you can enjoy a vacation, go for a walk, hike, cycle, swim, take advantage of the shop-café, campsite and guest house – and feel at home.

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