For your registration:
First of all, the membership and registration is free. You´ll find the application form for registration here. Please, don´t forget your passport or ID-card for registration. Before registration please read our terms of use and scale of charges.

For guidance:
To find what you´re looking for, you´ll get here the plan of shelf placement, where the media are sorted by content.

The Systematik der Friedensauer Bibliothek explains the signatures on the book spine. Every topic has their own signature shotcut – for example books about overall scientific representations of Protestant dogmatics you´ll find with the signature „Theol D 0060.1“

Studying in the library

If you are studying in the library for a longer period of time, you are able to reserve a desk or carrel. If you borrow items as desk or carrel loans, you can be sure, that your items are still on your working space next day. Please bring the items to the counter and have them recorded as desk or carrel loans.

Raul Cervantes

Telephone: + 49 (0) 3921 916-147

Icon PlusLoan

Borrowing from the library collection

The library primarily supports members of the university in their studies, teaching and research. At the same time, as a facility which is accessible free of charge to the general public, it sees itself as the region’s information centre, serving both the citizens of the local community and prospective users from further afield.

Loan periods

      • Standard loan = 4 weeks
      • Desk/carrel loan = 4 weeks
      • Extension (by phone, in person, by email) = 4 weeks (max. 2 extensions per item)
      • Items from the reserve collection = from 18:30 until 11:00 the following day. Weekend: from Friday 12:30 until Sunday 11:00.
      • Special loans for theses = for the duration of the thesis
      • Long-term loans for lecturers = 3 months

Reference only (not to be borrowed)

      • Journals
      • Items marked as ‘reference only’ (red sticker)
      • Items from the reserve collection (green sticker) – except for overnight borrowing.


Loans are free of charge. However, if the items are not returned by the end of the loan period, the library charges a fine per item borrowed. For standard loans, reminders are sent on a weekly basis, for short-term loans there are daily reminders.

      • Short-term loans per day – €1.00
      • Standard loan first reminder – €1.00
      • Standard loan second reminder – €2.00
      • Standard loan third reminder – €4.00
      • Standard loan fourth reminder – €8.00

Interlibrary loans

Are you not finding what you need? No problem! You can request items from other libraries in the regional Common Library Network. As soon as your ordered item reaches us, we´ll inform you.

How it works

  1. Before placing an order you must check that the item required is not available in our library. If the item is borrowed you are able to reserve it.
  2. Buy a valid interlibrary loan PIN code for each order. You can purchase these yellow cards (containing 1 or 10 codes) for €1.50 per PIN code at our counter. FAU lecturers can also order the required quantity by email:

Please note: The € 1,50 are a processing fee only, and will not be refunded if the desired item cannot be obtained. The terms and conditions of use of the library apply.

  • Find your required item in the catalogue of the databases of the GBV. In the left-hand bar next to the search results you will see the buttons “loan request” and/or “copy request”. Click on these to retrieve the order form.

Please note: When logging on to the GBV website with the interlibrary loan PIN codes, do not select the option “remember password”. If you have selected this you must delete the browser cookie to the GBV website in order to be able to use another interlibrary loan PIN code.

Icon PlusPrinting and Copying


Opening and charging the print and copy account:

Let your key transponder or student card be set up by the IT department (in case it hast not been done). Then you´ll get your print and copy account (Papercut).

Charge your print and copy account (Papercut) at the library circulation desk. Please note that we just accept cash.

After opening and charging your print and copy account you just need your key transponder or card to print, scan or copy in the library.


Sizeblack/whiteblack/white double sidedcolorcolor double sidedscanning
A4/A50,06 Euro0,12 Euro0,36 Euro0,72 Euro0,00 Euro
A30,12 Euro0,24 Euro0,72 Euro1,44 Euro0,00 Euro

Notice: Patrons that are not affiliated with the Friedensau Adventist University pay additionally Value-Added Tax (VAT) of 19 %. Please ask at the service desk for a guest card -should you need one.

Icon PlusOff campus databases access

If you are studying at the Adventist University Friedensau and like to have access to our databases, just use your library ID (for students your matriculation number) and your date of birth. You´ll be asked for it when you access a database.

For further information:

Icon PlusCourse Reserves

TheologyRoland Fischer:

Igor Lorencin

Stefan Höschele

Sebastian Kuhle

Bernhard Oestreich

Rolf J. Pöhler

Christian Badorrek

Johannes Hartlapp

Kerstin Maiwald

Klaus Schmitz

Laszlo Szabo

Martin Klingbeil

Goran Zivkovic

Bojan Godina

Daniel Olariu

Christian Social Science

Simone Emmert

W. Schwabe

Friedegard Föltz

Kwaku Arhin-Sam

Silvia Hedenigg

Daniel Bendix

Klaus Schmitz

Andreas Bochmann - Klaus Schmitz

Jill Blau

Thomas Spiegler

Icon PlusTraining courses

Do you need help? Don´t hesitate to ask for additional courses:

  • Library Introduction for Counseling
  • Library Introduction for International Social Sciences
  • Course BS5P1-2 for Soziale Arbeit B.A. and Theologie B.A.
  • Library Introduction for Sozial- und Gesundheitsmanagement
  • Course BS5P1-2 for Soziale Arbeit B.A. and Theologie B.A.
  • Introduction Citavi for faculty
  • Introduction Citavi for students
  • Introduction Citavi for students
  • Course BS5P1-2 for Soziale Arbeit B.A. and Theologie B.A.
  • Course BS5P1-2 for Soziale Arbeit B.A. and Theologie B.A.
  • Course BS5P1-2 for Soziale Arbeit B.A. and Theologie B.A.
  • Course BS5P1-2 for Soziale Arbeit B.A. and Theologie B.A.
  • Course BS5P1-2 for Soziale Arbeit B.A. and Theologie B.A.

Icon PlusCitavi

Citavi is a reference management program that the Friedensau Adventist University offers its affiliates free of cost in its full-version. Download:

On the download page you will be asked for your E-Mail Address. In case you don't have such E-Mail Address, please request a voucher there.

Specific settings for Friedensau Adventist University affiliates can be downloaded by right clicking at: Setup Citavi ThHF

Open Citavi, go to the menu item „Tools“ and import the file „Setup Citavi ThHF.csd“ by choosing „Import or export settings...“.

Do you need help? Don´t hesitate to ask us: .

Citativ Tutorials:

Citavi-Organizing knowledge with Citavi (26.04.2023)

Icon PlusShop

Available at the library counter

Besides our free services, we offer various additional resources and services at the counter. The price list is displayed at the counter. Some items/services are listed here.

photocopy film€0.25

Protective coverscovering book (applying protective cover)€1.00
Adhesive bindingspine width up to 10 mm€1.50
11–20 mm€1.50– €1.80
thicker than 20 mm€2.00
Interlibrary loan PIN codessingle-code card€1.50
10-code card€15.00
Protective coversbook covering (24–28 cm) per metre€1.00
book covering (40-… cm) per metre€1.50
Othercard protector€0.30
... and much more.