Welcome to the Alumni-Network!

Friedensau Adventist University feels a particularly strong connection with its former students, who have shared in and helped to shape the history of Friedensau. So keeping in touch with alumni and hearing about their experiences is very important to us, and the alumni network helps us to do this. The aim is to maintain the connection that alumni have with each other and with the university – for a lifetime.

To stay in touch with us in the future, you have different possibilities:

With leaving the university, you automatically become a member of the alumni network. That means you will receive news from us on a regular basis.

Alumni-MeetingJune, 4–6, 2021

Icon PlusYearbook

Do you know our yearbook series? After a longer break, we published two yearbooks – one for the academic year of 2014/15 and the other one for 2015/16. On approximately 100 pages you can get an impression of the highlights of the academic year by many pictures und short texts. Even if you could not take part at the graduation weekend, the weekly „Meeting under the Word“, the music events and weeks of reflection, in the StuZ – take the opportunity to have a look on these familiar places and events in our yearbook as our alumni. The only thing you need to do, is to tell us your recent mailing address or the changes of your address. Then you will receive the yearbook at a special price – unfortunately not for free. It will cost including postage only 6,50 EUR; the yearbook 2016/17 only 10,00 EUR, the yearbook 2017/18 only 12,50 EUR.

Therefore, remember: every year a yearbook of Friedensau Adventist University at a special price incl. postage.

Icon PlusAlumni Meetings

You may know the class reunions of primary school or highschool. You want to meet your friends. Therefore, it is good if not a single class is meeting but also those of the former years or those who joined the university after you. We organize meetings for our alumni and we will invite you on time. You can already mark a date in your calendar: probably June, 4–6, 2021, we will have an alumni meeting here in Friedensau.

So remember June 2021 in your calendar.

Icon PlusGet free graduation pictures

Every year, on the day of graduation, many pictures are taken. We have a professional photographer who takes pictures with his professional equipment. All alumni of the appropriate year have the opportunity to ask for these photos. If you want to receive the pictures of your graduation, please send an e-mail to ">. We will send you a link within two to three weeks by which you can see and download the pictures.

Freundeskreis ­Friedensau­

A part of the alumni network is integrated in the association Förderverein "Freundeskreis Friedensau International e.V." (FFF, Friends and Alumni of Friedensau Association), that helps supporting students. You can be part of that network too by joining the FFF. In that case you support other students.

How can you join the FFF? It is very simple: Just fill in the registration form on the website of the FFF http://www.foerderverein-friedensau.de/ and become a member. Currently, the membership amount costs at least 25,00 EUR per person yearly (students FAU per person 15 EUR; churches and organisations pay 80,00 EUR). If you want to pay more freely, a higher amount is also welcome.

We are looking forward to welcome you back in Friedensau soon.

Feel free to e-mail us if you've got any ideas or suggestions:

If you have any questions or ideas we are happy to get in touch.

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