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Practical experience is an integral part of all study programs. Practical trainings and internships impart experience that cannot be attained through lectures. In practical trainings and internships, students begin to develop their professional identity, make steps towards a reflected practice of their profession, and gain understanding for processes in social work, counseling, or music therapy. Moreover, practical experience motivates students to make the most of their studies.

For internships that are obligatory parts of the program, please read the information form and fill out the necessary documents in due time before starting the internship.

The Internship Office is also responsible for supervising the professional internship that leads to state recognition as a social worker or social pedagogue.

Please contact Prof. Dr. Daniel Bendix or Dr. Friedegard Föltz in case of questions.

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Internship Office

Dr. phil. Friedegard Föltz

Head of Internship Office
Telephone: +49 (0) 3921 916-189

For the professional internship that leads to state recognition

Professional internship