Dean's Office

The Dean  is responsible for the organization of the faculty of the School of Social Sciences. The Dean's Office is also the office of the Faculty Meeting and is organised by the Head of Academic Administration.

Further main tasks of the Academic Adminstration are the schedule planning, both prior and during the semester, as well as the contact to guest lecturers and fellows and the help desk function for them.

During the lecture period, the Departmental Executive Committee meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month, following the Departmental Examination Board. During the lecture-free period, the council meets as required.

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Prof. Dr. phil. Thomas Spiegler

Dean | School of Social Sciences
Telephone: +49 (0) 3921 916-202

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Jessica Terhorst

Registrar | Examinations Office
Telephone: +49 (0) 3921 916-150

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Jochen Streit

Head | Academic and Student Affairs
Telephone: +49 (0) 3921 916-170

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Minh Hang Le

Curriculum Management, Scholarships and student work
Telephone: +49 (0) 3921 916-128

­Examinations­ Office

In the Examinations Office, achievements and course allocations are administered centrally, and student applications are processed, such as applications for final examinations and module repetitions, but also applications for semesters off, maternity leave, semesters off due to illness, extensions of study time.

In addition to issuing certificates and transcripts, the preparation of final degree transcripts and final diplomas is a central part of the work of the Examinations Office, while the registration or de-registration of first-year students and graduates is carried out by the Admissions Office.

The Examination Office is also the Office of the Examination Committee. The Examination Committee of the department meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month during the lecture period, and as required during the semester break. Applications must be submitted to the Examinations Office by the Wednesday before a committee meeting at the latest.


Icon PlusRegulations of the Faculty

Master of Arts Development Studies (Online)

Master of Arts International Social Sciences

Icon PlusRegulations of the university

General Study and Examination Regulations FAU Effective from October 01, 2022

Immatriculation Regulations FAU Effective from October 01, 2022

Module Handbooks

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Examination information

General information

Examinations in the full-time degree programmes B.A. Social Work and M.A. International Social Sciences are written during the two examination weeks at the end of the lecture period of the winter or summer semester.
Examinations in the M.A. Counselling and Music Therapy programmes are written during the block weeks.

The dates are announced by the Examinations Office through notices at the Examinations Office and online and appear on the Campusnet in the timetable.

Overview Exam Weeks

 SuTe 2023: 03. – 14.07.2023

WiTe 2023/24: 05.  – 10.02.2024

SuTe 2024: 01. – 12.07.2024

WiTe 204/25: 03. – 07.02.2025

SuTe 2025: 30.06. – 11.07.2025

Exam Dates 2023:

Please follow up Campusnet for the rooms if there are two or more rooms for one exam!

General Exam Plan for Download:

B.A. Social Work:

  • /

M.A. Counseling and Music Therapy:

  • /

M.A. International Social Sciences

Oral Exams

  • /

Written Exams

  • June 23: Global Public Health, LÜP 111 and 112, 09–12 am
  • July 02: Introductionary Module, LÜP 112, 10 am -01 pm
  • July 06: Methods of Empirical Research, LÜP 111 und 112, LÜP 111 and 112, 09–12 am

Registration for Thesis

Registration for the Bachelor's or Master's thesis is done via the Examination Office () by submitting the signed form and a proposal (PDF). It is the student's responsibility to obtain the signature or consent of the First evaluator. This can be done by signing the form or by electronic confirmation by the First Evaluator to the Examination Office. In the programs M.A. International Social Sciences and Development Studies, the Second Evaluator gets chosen by the Examination Committee.

The application and the consent of the Evaluator must be submitted correctly and completely to the Examinations Office at least one week before the respective meeting of the Examination Committee. The application deadlines are the same for all degree programmes in the School of Social Sciences; the different submission deadlines in the respective degree programmes can be found in the lists of deadlines.

Advice on the content of the thesis is given in the respective thesis colloquia of the degree programmes and with the chosen assessors. You are advised to seek advice on the process of registering and submitting your thesis at the Examinations Office. Individual appointments can be made by telephone or e-mail. The consultations take place in person or on Zoom, as desired.

Thesis application requirements

Bachelor's thesis: 120 ECTS must have been completed and graded.
Master's thesis: 60 ECTS must have been completed and graded.