Friedensau Media

The Friedensau studio has gained more and more profile in recent years. In a digital society, media are indispensable. That is why the Friedensau Media team is involved in various media projects. Thus, teaching events, church services, devotions, seminars, advertising clips and TV programmes are planned, filmed and streamed. In addition to internal university projects, Friedensau-Media also offers its services outside the university.

You have an idea? We have the equipment, the professionals and the studio. If you would like to work with us, you can submit an application below or contact us directly by email ().

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In all our services we follow the "Media Guidelines and Procedures" as well as the "Studio Concept Friedensau", in which all working procedures are described. These documents can be downloaded below in German or English.

Equipment rental or rental of the studio

If you want to borrow some of our equipment to pursue your own media projects, you've come to the right place. Good camera, drone or microphone - we have it and much more. Write us when and how long you want to rent something and we will send you a concrete estimate for it.

File Release

If you want to have a recorded sermon or another file, contact us by mail. Maybe we can help you.

Media Production

If you would like to produce a video or audio file, please follow the link and fill out the application form:

Media production request form

Please fill out this form and click "Send". You will receive a reply email within a week. For questions or special requests, please contact


Drop your files here or click here to uploadYou can upload up to 3 files.
Here you can upload the already existing documents (storyboard, script etc.). Maximum 4 MB.
Forms are popular gates for hackers/bots. Please solve the task above so that we can be sure that you are a person. Thanks!

Event Support

If you're planning an event that involves not only technology but also personnel, we're here for you: stage technology, video recording, livestreaming, audio technology. Just let us know in time, because our schedule fills up fast.